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trashing and bashing the people's rights

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    America's favorite fascist has decided that America's police forces are not militarized enough so Trump has issued an order to give those local police forces unlimited access to military weapons and gear that will be used against America's peaceful demonstrators and protestors and this is called fascism on steroids.

    The trashing and bashing of the people's rights at Standing Rock by a militarized force will become the norm unless the American people establish a well armed, well trained people's security force willing to protect and defend their Constitutional Rights because America's law enforcement and legal systems are no longer willing to uphold these rights.

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    We know Connie, that's why black people in Amerika need to take care whenever confronted by police, the black folks need to use the internet to learn how to act and how to conduct themselves whenever they are confronted by police, once they learn how to conduct themselves, police killing blacks in large numbers might be lowered.

    This article in the link for paste magazine is very informative and can be used as a guideline for people to use when stopped or confronted by a cop:

    It's also important for mom's and dad's of their black children to talk to them early in life so when they go out into the world that there is a chance their kid might be racially profiled by police.