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Party of the Working People.

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    jaredsxtn said this in response to a post of mine: "Calling me a conservative is laughable. I've spent my life helping the weakest among us. You have spent your life bitching and moaning about how unfair life is."

    "Oh, and people like me are part of the vast majority of Americans who chose Hillary Clinton to be our leader. People like you are the reason the will of the majority was thwarted."

    In the first place as far as my life if you look at my picture by my name that is me an elected officer of Local 1784 of The United Mine Workers of America giving a speech in Cleveland in support of the Teamsters Strike. Before jaredsxtn was born. I traveled the Appalachian area in support of various strikes and election campaigns. We had 100% health care for our members and their families and the care extended to the widows including pensions until death. Workers and Unions used to have the support of politicians until politicians saw visions of grander ideas beyond people and borders. That is when the Democratic Party started selling out to and became part of big business. The worst fate to fall upon the party was the Clintons starting with Bill's presidency. Selling out the poor people with his welfare destruction was the worst and that should have been the end but it was the start. If jaredsxtn supports Hillary and her abandonment of the working class then that is his choice but to twist that into his "I've spent my life helping the weakest among us." needs him to look into what really helps the weakest amongst us.

    jaredsxtn said; "Oh, and people like me are part of the vast majority of Americans who chose Hillary Clinton to be our leader." Hillary has nothing for the working class. Trump used what should have been her campaign slogan "lots of good paying jobs". Hillary and jaredsxtn's response was the people are doing fine, the economy is doing fine. And if the vast majority of Americans chose Hillary to be their leader then she would be their leader but the vast majority did not chose her. She had a majority of popular votes, not support from the vast majority of Americans. She lost the election to the worst candidate to ever have run. Period. No excuse. No amount of irrational blaming can change that.

    There is no reason for for the discussion to be how much not to ask for. Single payer should be the battle cry and people should be energized to demand what they have a human right for. That there is even a concession on a Democratic sight to expenses over health care is a desertion of the people. An outcome can be less than desired but there is no reason to adopt an attitude of concession as a bargaining position. The Republicans can accept increased misery suffering and earlier deaths as their responsibility, it should not be an offered concession from the Democratic Party in exchange for affordability.

    A position should not be chosen because it is easy to defend and seems inevitable, a position should be chosen because it represents human rights.

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    Party of the working people. It must be republicans because they're creating lots and lots of $7.25 an hour jobs. People will be able to buy a cheeseburger now and then after they pay all their bills on that.

    Federal minimum wage increase

    At the federal level, the minimum wage was last increased on July 24, 2009, when it rose from $6.55 to $7.25 per hour, the last step of a three-step increase approved by Congress in 2007.

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