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What is wrong with our laws?

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    In the evening after sawing wood all day; I got even more tired seeing what the "imibicile" Trump spewed out at the UN.

    In an normal country this guy would be in jail. How can you say with an "red" straight face that you eradicate 22million people in NK because you as the second "Hitler" think you can say and do that. The world considers this an absolute criminal act and looked at this as unbelievable. They've lost all confidence in the US.

    How far has this this country to sink? Is there a way back? I don't believe so. Where are the brains here? How long can this go on?

    Where are the laws to prevent all of such? As well proper vetting laws for Presidents who may be mentally ill?

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    I am beginning to wonder. It looks like we are on a downward spiral, and it's going to get past a point of no return. I believe that generals Kelly and Macmasters are in charge and are executing the duties babysitting this fat idiot . I read that they have to tell him no , several times a day. He gets loose and does something insane like the UN debacle , but they have him under control.

    I wonder where the line is and I worry that he will get loose and do something terrible , something awful on purpose because he is such a jerk such an immature idiot . I am beginning to think he is so stupid that he does not understand how normal people think.

    I still believe this was a coup. Russia hacked our election. Hillary won and the rule of law is all that can save us . Will it though ?

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    We're scraping the bottom of the barrel lately Dutch.

    welcome back part time, I have missed you posting, and good luck picking up your pieces!