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Republicans Close to Gutting ACA While Dem's Fight Over Single-Payer

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    Debating single-payer has been fun and all, but how about we get back into the real world and discuss the fact that Senate Republicans are on the verge of completely gutting Obamacare and Medicaid and ripping healthcare away from tens of millions of Americans.

    The Graham-Cassidy bill will change the way states receive healthcare dollars from the Federal government and reward red states that voted for Donald while penalizing blue states that actually went along with Medicaid expansion. California and New York alone could see millions of people lose their healthcare overnight if this plan becomes law.

    This plan is dangerously close to 50 "yes" votes in the Senate and I wouldn't be surprised if the House accepts it without debate if the Senate pushes it through.

    But who am I kiddin?! Let's keep fighting about single-payer because fighting about things that will never become law are far more important than actually discussing things that have a very real possibility of happening...

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    Yes Jared, the Graham-Shithead act is even worse than the last 5 repeal efforts. I hope those people in red states love it. Trump didn't need them anyway.
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    I still got lots of work to do after the hurricane, but looking at things now, I feel I should comment.

    All I can remark is that this country goes down the tubes in an hurry. The rest of the world looks at us in total amazement; most civil countries have decent healthcare, but this "third world country" which it has become under Trump, it will sink even deeper in the swamp. The absolute strange thing is that according to the news his "approval" ratings have gone up. Wow there must be something drastically wrong here.

    I only hope that the people who loose all their healthcare realize that Obama was their savior not the egocentric bully Trump.

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    I encourage all to contact their representatives and advise their actions are being watched and bad choices will cause a loss of their job in the next election. It's important. Be heard.
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    Ryan isn't taking any calls. How convenient.
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    I called one and left a long detailed voice mail message (along with my contact info) advising I voted and that anyone who kills Americans by taking away healthcare will in essence be killing their political careers as well as they will certainly not be reelected. I later wondered if my wording was too harsh. I closed by saying it's entirely about accountability and American people will hold their elected officials accountable.

    The other guy I e mailed but it was funneled into a Republican intermediaries.

    They think 99% aren't smart enough to focus and will accept what they're given. Not true at all.

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    I write my Republican senator and representative, but I always keep the tone respectful using "Schmidt" logic and arguments. They always answer me respectfully, but of course just repeat Republican talking points many times making no mention of my arguments. I'm sure they are just form letters quickly signed.

    But if they are keeping a tally, my "vote" will be counted in their decision making. With respect to my representative, Doug Lamborn, nothing I say will sway him one iota. He is as far right as you can get...and a true Obama hater. Cory Gardner is pliable to some extent, but thus far he seems to always vote with his tribe.

    Everyone should take a few minutes to call or write their members of Congress.

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    Schmidt, look at all the demonstrations even way back as well the townhouse meetings; what has been the result? The crooks in power don't give a shit as long as they get it their way. Politics in America have become the same as in any third world country; the money and stupidity drives it. Your vote does not count in this country; ask Hillary.
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    Like Mr. Perez says, We need to get our message out there... lmao.

    Thank you Jimmy Kimmel. You should be the head of the DNC.

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    jaredsxtn, Right now how many people can avail themselves to 100% Healthcare. How many people can see a doctor, get a severe catastrophic diagnosis with accompanying catastrophic cost and immediately start treatment? I don't have a clue and I want to know what the real number will be that the republicans will compromise. I suspect that the real number of people that will get reduced or denied health care under any proposed Republican Plan will exceed 200,000,000.
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    McCain & 3 others just voted NO.
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    Thank God or whomever needs thanked. This was a case of if you have money you can buy great coverage. If you're not rich, perhaps you are not worthy of any medical safety net. I have been busy all day but it sounds as if perhaps the ACA lives on a little longer. Citizens need to be vocal and stand up for themselves.
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    I don't think there are enough cold hearted liars in the Republican Party to perpetuate the lie that anything they would come up with in anyway could be a healthcare benefit. They simply want to cut taxes and human rights. I think they got and still are pretty shooken up that a publicly declared socialist wasn't railroaded out of town. I wish the benefit of and presence of Bernie Sanders could be appreciated. He is probably responsible for the dissenting republican votes.

    "Thank God or whomever needs thanked." Consider Bernie?

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    This was a thing I saw on Facebook. Interesting. To me this is class warfare. The greedy wealthy won't stop until they have far more. The narcissistic conman president is trying to pad their and his wealth at the expense of anyone who gets in their way.

    Sherrod Brown link removed.

    Age tax according to AARP.

    Devastating to children and families according to Children's Hospital association.

    Bad for all persons according to American Medical Association.

    It's the Affordable care act !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not Obama care unless you're a bigoted racist ass wipe.

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    It's amazing to watch the Republican party deny reality , again and again. Like a broken record. They must have a crisis every minute. That's is their strategy. Look over there . This is just another crisis for Americans to worry about.

    Next week there will be a new crisis , along with the old crisis ,the NK crisis,Russia , some tornado , an earth quake . When there is no crisis and people have time to think ,they act calmer. They think clearer. They stop being angry.

    The Republican party is guilty of using propaganda to create anxiety in our society. This is a crime against humanity and it's exactly the reason the rule of law is so important. It's why they are trying to destroy the rule of law by breaking the law , and then escaping accountability. Again and again. It is what causes government's to collapse. When law means nothing to a group of people , they will abuse that privilege until the government collapses. In Russia you have a group of people who do whatever they like ,they face no laws. We are headed that way also.

    When there is , as the fat idiot has stated there will be , only one party , we will be Russia. That's what they want. But the Republican party should be careful what they wish for because it looks like they may get their wish.