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DNA Strain

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    It is a tragic truth that our species has a deep seated strain of fascism in our DNA and human history has proven this fact.

    What happened on August 11-13 in Charlottesville, Virginia is another episode in homo sapiens long, tortuous journey, march and struggle to oppose, overcome and fight against this deadly strain that spreads fear, hate, violence and terror.

    The harsh lesson learned from the Charlottesville tragedy is that Americans who are demonstrating and protesting peacefully can no longer depend on law endorsement to protect them from violent, armed, vicious fascist thugs and these peaceful demonstrators and protestors must protect themselves by arming themselves in the future whenever the potential for violent acts against them may occur.

    Never again should an American become a victim of a gang of fascist thugs.

    It is important to remember that many law enforcement organizations endorsed Trump since these organizations were attracted to his fascist ideas.

    Trump ran on a campaign promoting fascism and America's Orwellian World of Rot (America's mass news media) gave him 2 years of free time to promote his evil agenda and that Orwellian World is still obsessing on this evil man.