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White supremacists

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    Schmidt Wrote:
    TJ Wrote: Schmidt, You're usually a voice of reason but I disagree on this one. Small children like to challenge their boundaries and it's acceptance of their (Nazi like thugs) pushing the envelope that grows into non whites being challenged on buses, in restaurants, at airports, etc.. A greater lack of social acceptance is what adults should demand.

    TJ -- There's a difference between a confrontation in a restaurant, bus or train (like in Portland). Those are happenings....not planned. People that are targeted in those situations have no choice but to use their best wits to stop an ugly situation. Sometimes it doesn't work out. The victims of the Portland train stabbings did the right thing even though it cost two of them their lives.

    The Alt-right march in Charlottesville was planned for weeks. It had all the makings of something that was destined to get ugly. The marchers came ready to fight a liberal. Many did not wear street clothes but came in military attire.

    However, what if they marched and no one was there to watch them? Would they have claimed victory? Perhaps. But what they really wanted was confrontation. A street fight. I would not have given them that opportunity. You don't confront people who are angry...a mob scene. You're not going to change their minds...never. So what's the point in provoking them?

    Maybe you'd feel differently if YOU were a member of a minority group.

    Maybe if you felt personally attacked by the actions of groups like this, you would feel differently. They are violent, and they foment additional violence. We can never let them get a foothold, or a lot of our citizens are in immediate danger of their very lives.

    What's the point of "provoking them?" What's THEIR point of provoking US? I do not know about you, but when the dust settles, I will be on the right side of history. I will stand up to violent right-wing hate groups, until it is no longer okay to openly be the way they are, when society finally forces them to slither back under the cold, slimy rocks from under which they crawled. They are lower than rattlesnake's bellies in wheel ruts and deserve no consideration of any kind, until they show consideration for others.
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    Maindawg Wrote:

    Bannon was just talking he did not know he was on the record apparently , he was candid. He acknowledged that there is no military plan with regard to NK. So he basically nuetered the fat idiot on that issue.

    I think these KKK rallies are being organized by people who work directly for the fat idiots crime family. It's part of his strategy to execute a coup d etat. I think Hitler did the same thing. But social media has once again become the issue. Because the KKK is a terrorist organization and that is all there really is to it. If your in it, you may be a terrorist. Just like the old red neck mem. And now it's a real possibility that you may have to own that . It's repulsive is what it is. It's like tattooing the word stupid onto your forehead.

    Expect more riots. Will the police be able to prevent violent white supremists from attacking counter protestors ? Will they wear their hoods next ? Will they get to feeling so bold they start attacking innocent people like they did so long ago ? How far will they go ?

    Also ,how long will the Republicans wait before they decide enough is enough ? Because this fat idiot intends to escalate the madness non stop. It's clear he intends to destroy our government. How long will it take the Republicans to realize that they are the government they are helping him to destroy ? I mean , how stupid are they ? Because the chamber of commerce , a bastion of republican support has now jumped ship.

    I am not comfortable that they will decide to act soon enough.

    You're quite right to not be comfortable. This nation, historically, has been a reactionary nation. We prefer to let the proverbial bomb explode, and then do a half-assed job of picking up the pieces...instead of expending a little effort and maybe treasure...into preventing the fucking bomb from exploding in the first place. That is one thing that has always driven my crazy about this country. We need more preventative action, so that people do not get hurt.
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    Schmidt Wrote: Dockadams -- Thanks for sharing the article. It certainly provides more insight into the minds of these militia members. These people are sick. Yet they have a defender in our commander- in-chief so they feel emboldened to act out what Trump is suggesting.
    After the smoke here has settled, and the fires are out, it would not be out of the realm of possibility that more far right wing groups were here causing mayhem. The local news has reported at least three groups of anarchists being here, but what about the untold ones the ATF & FBI might be seeking out. My comfort level of living in this city has really hit bottom lately, I don't feel nearly as safe at home or in a store as I did one month ago. Now we have idiots roaming our streets with firearms, this place is much like the wild west used to be. Especially when we see trucks with "black guns matter" written on them. People here have gone full bore nuts.
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    Dock that is what you get if you invite the "mafia" into the W.H. Sorry this is an "lawless" country . Laws apply here only for the poor; not the "rich"; the "zillion" lawyers here made sure of that. An total revamp of our laws is needed, but no one is up to do that task. So we just muddle on and on and just wait for the next disaster and look if we can "brush up" some old antique law found in an basement somewhere. "Case laws" as maintained here without changing the base law will always end up in disaster. Thus as a matter of fact as long as the system and laws remain as they are, then "turmoil, chaos, and corruption" stay in place and determine our destiny. I've not much hope that "brains" here will prevail. Sorry this country is beyond repair as long as the Trump types can rule as they like, because of the half baked old British structure of 1700. At least in Canada they used their brains to adopt the right structure of governing as well "update" their "base law" all the time.