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Donald Trump is STILL a threat to world peace

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    Barely a month into his Presidency, it was already apparent that Donald Trump is a threat to world peace (refer to the blog post of February 28 for more details.)

    Michael Lewis just published an article in Vanity Fair that is even more terrifying than the notes included in the blog shown above. Although it is a LONG article, it is worth reading in its entirely:

    By now, most of us have gotten used to the fact that we're going to see a new batch of craziness coming out of the White House on almost a daily basis. Fortunately, at least SOME of the people in Congress have come to their senses, and have acted to limit his insanity.

    The Senate just passed (by a vote of 98-2) more sanctions on Russia, and they also made it impossible for him to later weaken the sanctions, which obviously annoyed the Russians, who now want to GET RID OF TRUMP. On top of that, Robert Mueller just convened a grand jury to look into collusion that took place in the 2016 election. One way or another, his first term in office is going to be shortened dramatically.

    On a side note, his mother (Mary Ann McLeod) came to American on a valid visa on the RMS Transylvania in 1930 (she finally became a citizen in 1942). Since she had no skills other than housekeeping, and since English was not her first language, it's entirely possible that she would not have been admitted to our country if Trump's latest nutty ideas on immigration had been in force in 1930.

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    Just because he's on a so called vacation doesn't mean anything has changed, he has his minion generals rattling sabers at most of the east and middle east. We all hope that the east and middle eastern leaders have cooler and calmer heads than we have.
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    What a story; a must read for all our members; it shows exactly as I said many times that our government structure is doomed. Changing every four years career people in essential area's creates chaos; especially if unqualified people take these positions. Looking at the control on our "nuclear" stuff it can become extremely dangerous, as well chemical plants etc.

    Sorry to say I've never seen such utter stupidity as this article describes. How can this country survive?