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Trump's approval rating.

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    jaredsxtn Wrote:
    TJ Wrote:

    100% percent correct. Nice and polite minority.

    Shouldn't I be reading on social media

    (10 times a day) that Democrats are reaching

    Out to dissatisfied citizens and doing massive

    Voter registration ? Yeah, didn't hear about it.

    They are! Just because 24/7 media outlets don't report on it doesn't mean it's not happening. If you rely on cable news for all your information about the Democratic Party then you are never going to be happy.

    The cable "news" business is about shock journalism trying to get as many clicks and TV viewership as humanly possible because it is a profit driven industry that thrives on conflict.

    The problem in this country, as Schmidt has often pointed out, is voter apathy. Millions more people watch "Dancing With the Stars" than the nightly news. At some point we have to look in the mirror and admit that we, the American people are the problem.

    Again Jared absolutely correct; yes "the American people are the problem" guess why? They are educated just like Trump; you can become what you want if you can "steal" enough money; rip off anyone and learn to lie as much as can without blinking and then go to church and everything is forgiven. Yes that is what you get in an "capitalistic system" where only "money" counts.

    The only solution is to totally revamp the education system here as well priorities in life and government. Mental health here is at an all time low. Especially in the "middle and south parts" of the country. Welfare here is not part of the government, but done ad hoc by either churches or fund raisers etc. There is not an coherent social system here either; let alone an overall healthcare system what works for everyone, like in Europe or Canada. People will vote if their mindset as well education is changed into that they see this (voting) as an privilege; compared to any dictorial country.

    They should be taught to read the mind of an Trump and his sole ego tripping purpose; if they don't see that, then they lack education.

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    Watch for Trump's approval rating to soar after the Texas photo-op.
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    Dockadams Wrote: Watch for Trump's approval rating to soar after the Texas photo-op.
    I don't see his approval rating soaring, but his numbers are so low that even a three point swing will be viewed as a positive development by his people.
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    The people surveyed are not necessarily people that voted for him. In any case they have such radical opinions and beliefs that they aren't swayed by or have any use for news or other prople's opinions. They also don't care what people think of them so it is hard to determine anything from what they say. I said before that they probably lie to pollsters.