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The Fareed predictions

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    I suggest all the members to view today's Fared show on CNN ( 1pm eastern time) It gives an clear picture of what the world thinks about the US right now. etc. The US is no longer the leader in the world. The total craziness here gives no one confidence in the US. The biggest danger lies in that Trump has no idea of the world around him let alone the conflicts all over the world which he totally does not understand. Some other facts were shown about the proposed budget which is made up from lies and "fantasy" calculations. Sorry the US is going down the tubes in a hurry. Trump even trashes the Chinese leader the same as he did Sessions. His stance on N.K. as well the military show of force by flying close to their borders will only bring us closer to an disasterous war. Trump has no brains ; neither the people around him.
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    Fareed is a good journalist, unfortunately I don't have cable, but will look for his latest on CNN later on.

    We all know the GOP & Trump are trying to tie healthcare to their budget, but as long as $56B goes to military spending, they're okay wit dat.

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    Same here. I agree he's very good though.