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Satire: Girlscouts get restraining order against Trump

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    This is as good or better than SNL.

    WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In an extraordinary rebuke of the President of the United States, the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. have obtained a restraining order against Donald J. Trump.

    The order, which the Girls Scouts were granted on Monday night, prevents Trump from coming within three hundred feet of any gathering of the Scouts’ organization.

    Carol Foyler, a Girl Scouts spokesperson, said that while the G.S.U.S.A. sought the restraining order “out of an abundance of caution,” the girls themselves were “in no way, shape or form” afraid of President Trump.

    “They’re prepared to deal with bobcats and bears,” she said. “They can handle a malignant narcissist.”

    Trump wasted little time responding to the Girl Scouts’ action, lashing out at the organization in a blistering early-morning tweet storm.

    “Failing Girl Scouts bad (or sick) guys,” Trump wrote. “Mints, cookies terrible. Sad!”

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    "Failing Girl Scouts" says a lot. Perhaps that's why he and they show no compassion or interest in helping the poor. After all they're failing. Not winners like him. Sad.
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    Thanks wwjd for sharing. There is an element of truth in most all of Borowitz's articles, but this one especially so. I would expect in the future both the boy scouts and the girl scouts will ask that any such speeches by Trump be prerecorded and vetted by their respective leadership teams.
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    The "Mitch McConnell hospitalized for low white vote count" is very good. Thanks for the satire and humor post.