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The "island" media

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    I saw exactly what took place related to the second meeting of Trump and Putin; they ( in Europe they zoomed in on him) that they signaled each other via elaborate hand signals, before the meeting to meet in an not to be observed place. This video clip was not shown here on TV, which shows that the media here does not look further than their noses are long and seldom look at international news.


    By the way, my wife posted this on MSNBC ( she's an member)

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    If you look careful at this clip then you see that Merkel follows all of this and is fully aware what is taking place.

    The problem with this country is; how can you elect an person who never learned the etiquette of international behavior or any manners whatsoever. He probably can't even eat with an fork and knife, let alone chop sticks or knows how an table setting works. neither do you pull the wife of an foreign leader towards you and kiss her, let alone the "bully" handshake he does. Obama had manners and knew how to behave on the world stage, he does not.

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    The signals are disturbing. It's like a secret meeting, nobody needs to know.