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Trump voter fraud commission

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    Team Trump requested voter information from all of the states.

    Today information was not handled properly. Intentional ?

    I read about this on social media. First comment said: Lawyers, This is a class action law suit being handed to you by the White House on a silver platter.

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    The request is for SS numbers too besides names and addresses. What do we think is the motivation for this?
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    Targeting the opposition mostly. Targeting those R's or I's who didn't vote or contribute to meet standards is next.
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    NH is one of the few states that is more than willing to hand over all this info to these POS's. Most likely because our SOS is a member of the commission and Gov Sununu is a member of the infamous Sununu republican cartel that has tried to screw us for years.

    The town council and town administrator where I live just sent a letter back to him refusing to share the info. Of course, I live in one of the most liberal towns in NH and most other towns are tripping over themselves to share their voter info with this sleazy commission.

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    I think that the Trump administration should get this in response to voter records requests:

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    Damn straight.
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    More like a voter suppression movement.

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    The last time that a Democrat won a statewide office in Georgia was in 2006, so Stacy Abrams is certainly bucking a trend.,_2018

    The guy she is running against, Brian Kemp, is the current secretary of state, which means he oversees the election for governor. Conveniently, that's exactly the office in running for.

    (can you say, "conflict of interest?)

    Kemp has put a hold on 53,00 voter registrations (70% of whom are black voters).

    As result, Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams' campaign is calling on Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp to resign following a report his office is using a controversial verification law to effectively suppress the minority vote in their race to become the state's next governor.

    Kemp has also come under fire from voting rights advocates for canceling more than a million "inactive" voters from Georgia's rolls since becoming the state's chief elections officer in 2010. The practice was upheld by the Supreme Court in a 5-4 ruling in June. The state purged a total of 1.5 million voters between the 2012 and 2016 elections, according to a report from the Brennan Center for Justice.

      The "exact match" system was used by Kemp's office from 2013 to 2016, during which nearly 35,000 applications were rejected, with minorities disproportionately affected, according to a lawsuit that was settled in 2017. That agreement seemed to put an end to the practice, but the GOP-held legislature quickly embedded it in new legislation.

      Republicans, of course, have been engaging in this nonsense for a long time.

      In 2012, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett (the guy who oversees elections) was also the co-chairman for the presidential campaign for Mitt Romney. I asked him to resign, but this was his response :

      Similarly, in 2004, Ohio's secretary of state, Ken Blackwell, also served as the co-chair to re-elect George W. Bush.

      Ohio, if you remember, was THE swing state that gave George W. his second term of office.

      Truth be told, Bush was never a legitimate president, since he literally STOLE both elections.

      We all remember the "hanging shards" from the 2000 election, but few people remember that Michael Connell, a top internet Republican strategist, who was set to testify in a case alleging election tampering in the 2004 election died in a mysterious plane crash.

      Somehow, this reminds me of an episode of "the sopranos"

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      Guy nothing new there; you should know by now that we live in an super corrupt society. I wrote about that many times.

      First of all the whole election system is asking for corruption the way it is set up. Get rid of the "electoral college". Get rid of the "lobbyists". Get rid of "money" in elections; limit "cost" per candidate to $150.000. No adds on TV or other media; only "posters" allowed on one central location. No flyers etc. in the mail; let alone "bully" the opposition. Have only TV discussions with a non partisan "monitor" and answer questions from the voters. The ballots should be designed to be clear and not contain "legal" or "confusing" language. The thing I got in the mail can't even be deciphered by an law professor. There are at least two full pages dealing with amendments to the FL Constitution; ridiculous.

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      It's obvious by now that Republicans can't win unless they cheat, and North Carolina is certainly one of the worst states when it comes to fraud committed by the GOP. (Florida and Georgia aren't far behind, but Georgia's new Democratic Secretary of State could reverse some of the worst offenses).

      After a Democrat was elected governor, the legislative tried to pass legislation to limit his power, which is EXACTLY what the Republican legislature in Wisconsin is trying to do since Democrats won the governor and secretary of state seats.

      The story below (in today's Washington Post) raised the possibility that the last election in North Caroline could be tossed out:

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      The Wisconsin legislature passed a bill YESTERDAY that will limit the power of the incoming Democrats, and Scott Walker has said that he will sign it. It looks like incoming governor Tony Ever's first act will need to be starting legal action.

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      With North Carolina leading the way, both Wisconsin and Michigan are following suit on their power grabs. However, the efforts at undermining democracy are not new, since they can be traced back to 2010, and probably earlier. The maddening thing is that the Republicans are openly admitted to their unethical practices:

      “I think electing Republicans is better than electing Democrats. So I drew this map in a way to help foster what I think is better for the country,” North Carolina state Rep. David Lewis, chair of the legislature’s redistricting effort, once said in defense of his gerrymander.

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      It looks like hell just froze over.

      The North Carolina GOP just agreed to a new election if an investigation can prove voting irregularities in the recent 9th District House race, which was won (at least temporarily) by a Republican.

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      As some in the media pointed out, Republicans in Congress are being very quiet (absolute silence) regarding the election fraud in North Carolina. Trump especially has yet to tweet on this one. I hope people go to jail over this.