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Gerrymandering must stop

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    Republicans have been gerrymandering which has allowed their wins more often than we like.

    We must get this stopped. Some might question if we would still be nice if we expected anything. This article addresses the issue.

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    The Constitution explicitly states that districts be redrawn every ten years and it would take a Constitutional Amendment to change that.

    The Supreme Court could technically rule otherwise, but Democrats in a handful of swing states were too lazy to vote in 2016 and the conservatives on the court now have a majority, so I'm not holding my breath.

    This is why I was screaming at my liberal friends who were upset with President Obama in 2010 and it's the same reason I'm screaming now.

    Republicans have figured out how to game the system and Democrats continue to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

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    At least some democrats are trying to do something about gerrymandering in my state, but more needs to be done nationwide.

    Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Wisconsin Gerrymandering Case

    June 19, 2017

    "The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to take up an appeal over electoral districts in Wisconsin after a lower court ruled that the state's Republican-drawn map constitutes an "unconstitutional partisan gerrymander."

    Unfortunately, the supreme court has a right leaning edge.

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    There is that tradition of Justice and fairness that some expect. Supreme court does lean right but the truth is still expected. Reviews and analysis would follow as well. We may see what's decided.
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    That's why the 2018 midterm is so important as it sets us up for the 2020 election upon which district boundaries will be redrawn. As much as I respect the passion and energy behind the Our Revolution and Indivisible movements, we must understand that fielding "Bernie clones" in every state and local election will not guarantee victory. I keep harping on Montana and the special election of Greg Gianforte on what can happen if local Democratic party organizations taken over by Bernie folks push the party too far left in applying purity tests to candidates that these movements consider backing wholeheartedly. It will work in very liberal states and liberal districts, but not in purple or red states and districts where more centrist candidates (Hillary clones) do have a better chance of winning.
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    I've never been in any country which makes such an mess of "voting" except may be the Russians. Why meddle with re-districting etc. Never heard of that in Europe or even Canada. Nothing seems to be done in this country via normal common sense without corruption; take the "money" out of elections as well money for the "media". For instance why did Trump get all the air time and Hillary one tenth of that? Nothing in this country can be done honestly; is it that difficult??? No wonder they demonstrated in Hamburg against "capitalism". Guess what country is the "capitalistic center" of the world; only the US. Sorry "capitalism" is an curse, as is "religion"
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    With a 5:4 conservative majority in the SCOTUS, I expect conservative bias. 2018 midterm wins by democrats would be a start at reversing their agenda and moving ahead. Although judges sit on the bench for years, one or two would need to retire, soon.

    For people like myself, I always wondered how one party or another can divide districts to gain an edge in votes, this WAPO pretty much explains it....