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The rise of the Flat Earth movement in Colorado

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    Yeah, Schmidt, they do vote. The founders didn't want Everyman voting. That was a bad thing. The swing of the pendulum has reached it's zenith. High speed mass communication has given us shitheads like Alex Jones but he is only the latest in a long line going back to P.T. Barnum. The American people are anti-intellectual in the aggregate. They fall easy prey to mythology and fantasy because they want to. They are part and parcel of the "temporarily embarrassed millionaire" story. And when it doesn't come true who doing they blame? Jews, Communists (they have never seen one since no one has ever seen one at least not one with power as Marx wrote about it), Socialists (same applies), leftists, tree-huggers, hippies and so on. Will they ever accept blame themselves or look at the rigged system and those who rigged it? No.

    I give the country 50-100 years, max.