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Tax cuts leading to recession.

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    Every time a tax cut is justified as jobs producing it should be tagged as a lie and proved by the fact that every tax cut had been followed by a recession. If that happened then it would be revealed that a recession is a windfall for the top .001%. As a matter of fact it should be shown that recessions, corrections and crashes benefit the top .001% !!
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    Following linked to:

    "In 1990, President George H. W. Bush raised taxes, and GDP growth increased over the next five years. In 1993, President Bill Clinton raised the top marginal tax rate, and GDP growth increased over the next five years. In 2001 and 2003, President Bush cut taxes, and we faced a disappointing expansion followed by a Great Recession.

    Well into the 1950s, the top marginal tax rate was above 90%. Today it's 35%. But both real GDP and real per capita GDP were growing more than twice as fast in the 1950s as in the 2000s."

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    According to Trump, wealthy people are just like everyone else, they like to eat at fast food, and because they are so busy making lots of money they need to hire regular middle class people to wash their clothes, clean the house, and mow their lawn. With tax cuts for the wealthy, they can do all those things, and it creates new jobs in fast food and "Wealthycare" industries.
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    Not only that Chet, in my state, they're giving away tax breaks to businesses (corporate welfare) while it provides lots of $7.25 an hour jobs, the corporations are now asking that their property tax assessments be renegotiated because they think they're being asked to pay too much. They already bought land for next to nothing, now they want even more tax breaks after being located here for at least 5 years.

    Isn't this how Detroit's auto market got into problems? They received tax breaks from the city, the city couldn't collect enough revenue to keep up with infrastructure, automakers left town, the tax base was lost, and the city crumbled.

    Corporations will holler, if you don't give us the tax breaks we want, we'll just leave and go to South Carolina where those people down there will work for cheaper wages.

    The top 01% usually always get what they want.

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    Auto makers among other industries have been migrating toward the red states for some time. They offer sustainable wages and other amenities however safety standards suffer. So the trade off is seen as acceptable by Republicans . And there in lies the difference between Republicans and human rights.

    Our constitution has a bill of human rights attached to it. The Republicans would like to be rid of human rights. They only care about wealthy humans and only wealthy humans should have rights. That is our dystopic future. Not only don't you have any rights , you are actually a slave who must follow strict rules created by the wealthy class to make sure you don't have a way to ask for any rights. They are denying you the right to assemble in many republican states right now. They are defunding public health care facilities. They are eliminating your right to safe water and food . Our food supply is poisoned. Our water is full of sewage ,lead, aluminum, and opiates.

    Our education system has been compromised to the point that our citizenry is wildly in or mis informed. My son in law found out last week that not one person in his entire family knew that the 4th of July was indipendence day. His own 12 year old son though American was as old as the Bible. Not a clue.

    We are a dying empire. We are dying because we have been abused by corporations who own us. Own our government. We are the evil empire , we deliver death and destruction to the rest of the earth and our day is coming . Very soon I fear.

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    Agreed. If Trump was replaced in 2020, would things inch towards where it should be ? No the small minds aren't looking to improve. Get your passports renewed
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    Once again, where is the Democratic Party. It started earlier but Bill Clinton is the poster child for the conservative Democratic trend. And just like Trump he got away with it simply because he was charismatic. Big jovial smile as the First Black President while imprisoning more blacks than ever.