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Trump Lies

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    As of this morning, Trump has told 6420 lies, and the average number of lies per day has increased from 5 per day to 30

    per day. If he was Pinocchio, his beak would be a yard long !

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    Another funny video about lies.


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    today, Trump said that he did not know Matthew Whitaker .. I've lost count, but this must be lie #6500

    Tucson had "several hundred" protesters downtown yesterday voicing their displeasure with Trump's actions

    A couple of paragraphs from the Wiki article about Whitaker proves that Trump's statement is utterly false:

    President Trump had spoken with Whitaker in September 2018 about potentially assuming Jeff Sessions' role as Attorney General, although it was not clear whether Whitaker would take over on an interim basis or be nominated in a more permanent capacity. At that time, The New York Times described Whitaker as a Trump loyalist who had frequently visited the Oval Office and as having "an easy chemistry" with Trump.

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    It seems like virtually everyone connected to Trump has trouble telling the truth. The Washington Post this morning documented all the fibs uncovered by the Mueller probe so far:

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    that guy in AZ Wrote:

    It seems like virtually everyone connected to Trump has trouble telling the truth. The Washington Post this morning documented all the fibs uncovered by the Mueller probe so far:

    Guy, sorry to say all these lies have become the present "normal" Since everyone around Trump also lies, then even for Mueller it becomes an total wasps nest to find out which lie is stacked on another bunch of lies. etc. etc. They all have learned to lie with a straight face; probably learned that from the clergy.
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    Trump Lies: he says he is the least racist, lie # ???

    "he says he is the least racist person anywhere in the world"

    Notice he didn't say "I am not a racist", he is the least racist, which means there are other people who are more and less than he himself is. So, by this admission, he is a racist, but he is, to a certain amount or degree.

    If you look at your reflection at the bottom of the well
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    Songwriters: JOE WALSH

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    According to this morning's Washington Post, Trump has now told 12,091 lies. In the past two months, he has averaged 20 per day.
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    Oh, no quid quo pro? Gordon Sondland says that it wasn't from his lips, it was from his boss's lips. Sondland was a major donor to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Will Sondland throw trump under his own bus?

    Trump’s envoy to testify that ‘no quid pro quo’ came from Trump

    Of course, as we all know, trump is a pathological liar, and if Sondland testifies that trump said that no quid pro quo statement came from his boss, trump will immediately distance himself from Sondland, and throw him under the trump bus. How dare Sondland not pledge loyalty to the king! I gotta' hand it to Sondland, he's trying to CYA, in everyday military terminology, it means covering your ass.

    Don't worry, there's more busses.

    But, what is we run out of acting presidents? Pence might get caught up in all of this stuff too. It's hard to imagine a vice president who doesn't know what the president is doing. Would Nancy Pelosi be our next president before 2020?

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    Arizona -- I agree. Everyone seems to agree that Trump is a pathological liar. Another term used to describe that condition is "pseudologia fantastica". It's considered a mental disorder. Here's how the Learning Mind website describes it in the context of personal relationships, but we might extrapolate to Trump's relationship with certain segments of the populace, his cabinet, his aides and advisors, and more importantly, Congress.

    1. Pathological liars will tell you about their own good deeds, and many of them are not even real. They will talk about how many friends they have, when, in actuality, anyone who truly knows them, knows they lie.

    2. The pathological lie can break the trust between two or more people in a relationship. Once a lie is found out, anger and frustration begin. If trust isn’t instantly broken by this initial deception, it will soon be if lies continue.

    3. This liar will lie so much that they will begin to create more and more fantasies as they go. What started as a single lie about a situation will become embellished as time goes on.

    4. A relationship built on nothing but lies cannot survive for long unless you want to live a miserable life. It will be like living with a stranger, and you never know what will come out of their mouth next.

    5. Sometimes people lie to keep from hurting others, or they lie to make someone feel better, but liars who are pathological will fib about mundane things. This means, you can ask them what they had for lunch and they will even lie about that. It’s almost as if they can lie about the sky being blue.

    6. Pseudologia fantastica keeps liars from fessing up to their deceptions. Just like a child, liars of this caliber will never take responsibility for what they say, and that’s because if they do, their lies will be revealed.

    7. Pathological lying places the liar firmly in control of just about everything, so this creates an even larger problem. Why? Because if all they do is tell lies, then all you can do is accept that fact.

    8. Pseudologia Fantastica is a personality disorder. This means, without extensive help, the pathological liar will probably never change their ways. Most relationships and friendships with these people will feel like a joke. This is a flaw that could have originated from some sort of trauma early in life, or just from the strong desire to be accepted as a child. If a child is neglected, they will do and say whatever they need to get attention. It is possible that this cry for attention grew into a severe imprint that cannot be controlled. This is the sad part.


    I think these above traits largely fit Trump. I have called Trump a master con artist but his extraordinary success in this effort may be due to the fact that he creates his own reality based on lies and then believes his own lies. The most compelling liars are those who believe their own lies. That I think may describe Trump, but if not he is then the most accomplished con artist in history.

    In the context of trust and relationships, Trump's trust with Democrats and the media have long been broken. One wonders how long his trust will endure with Republicans in Congress and certain personalities with Fox News. That trust will likely be broken at some point and hopefully that will be soon during the impeachment hearings. When that trust is broken, look for Trump to be removed from office quickly.

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    Schmidt published a list of Trump's lies on 6/25/17. The list consisted of the lies he had told since his inauguration. That number, of course, has exploded since June of 1017.

    As of late October, that number had grown to 13, 435 lies, adding credence to the term "pseudologia fantastica". For Trump, lying is as natural as breathing, and he has doing it for essentially his entire adult life. Alair Townsend, a former budget director and deputy mayor of New York City during the 1980s, and a former publisher of Crain's New York Business, said "I wouldn't believe Donald Trump if his tongue were notarized. His supporters, of course, believe everything that he says, and it's literally impossible for them to doubt his word.

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    The house of reps. is investigating whether Trump lied during the Mueller probe. Duh, really? I'm thinking Trump lies about 99% of the time, it doesn't take a house of reps. investigation to figure that one out.

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    Dutch -- What ever you posted, all I got was small square with an x in the middle. Maybe it's just me.
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    I don't know I just do get it in my screen and double pasted it again. Try it again (copy right issue?)
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    It took me a while to figure this one out, but what you have to do is hit "copy image address" in Bing, and then paste that into the link on the Democratic Hub site: