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Let's talk about Trumpcare

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    Dockadams Wrote:

    You can put that incrementaist bullshit back in your pipe and smoke it. You know what side I'm on by reading my posts on a nearly daily basis. I gave you some proof after your attempt to denigrate Clinton and democrats as a whole. No, wages are not what they should be, and everyone knows that the top 1% own most of the wealth in Amerika.

    I have noticed that you take pleasure in denigrating Mrs. Clinton too. I don't know you personally, but from my observations, In my opinion, I would say that you might be one of those voters who when Bernie lost, you sat on your ass at home and didn't vote for Mrs. Clinton, or you voted for Trump.

    I'll go one step further here and say some people using this forum claim to be independents or democrats, but after reading some of their posts, they're not either. I won't single anyone out because they know who they are, and know what they are, and they're not democrats by any stretch of imagination.

    Clinton signed into law the Commodities Futures Modernization Act. There was absolutely no good purpose for that law. The main thing it did was to expand enormously the classification of futures. Consequently that put an enormous amount of trading out of control. That attracted enormous amounts of money, money that could have and should have been used in our economy to create and finance jobs producing budnisses. That law, the CFMA, is probably the single most contributing factor to the 2008 collapse. My entire philosophy and purpose is to regulate the economy to benefit the people of the United States as one group. That is why I have a problem with the Clintons. They had put the lower classes very low on their priority list. Hillary Clinton would be President today if she pledged to work for good paying jobs, debt free education, health insurance for everybody and stabilizing the economy. It is really amazing to me that there is so much resistance on this sight to what should be the basic fundamentals of the Democratic Party. Whose side are you on???
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    I'm on the side of keeping threads at least somewhat on the topic of the original post.

    Let's get back to talking about Trumpcare. We already have plenty of threads discussing the poor and middle classes getting the shit end of the stick.

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    One republican, one democrat, both come together to reinstate the CSR, deal or no deal, hell, let's get a fricken game show going, it's already a dog and pony show.

    Trump cuts CSR payments, and two morons try to write a CSR bill all by their lonesome. Is this an oxymoron or what? The big cheese cuts it, two dummies write a bill for the same thing he cut, does that make any sense? If Trump signs it, he will say he won, and claim that he has one legislative accomplishment.

    Anyone remember who filibustered their own bill? If you don't, it was turtleman McConnell, and who met with McConnell a day or two ago? Trump.

    This is the video of McConnell filibustering his own bill:

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    A few days ago WCPT Chicago, were reporting that Obamacare was called Trumpcare by some liberals, they turned the story around and told listeners that the ACA was still Obamacare, and encouraged listeners to actively seek health care through the government's web site,

    You can listen to WCPT on their website if your radio can't receive it.

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    So when is a conservative not a conservative? How about a conservative politician who has cost the people of the state he governs $1B because he turned down US Government funding for Obamacare and Medicaid-Medicare? According to Politifact, that's what my Governor Walker has cost the taxpayers of Wisconsin with his conservative agenda.

    How Scott Walker's rejection of Medicaid expansion under Obamacare cost Wisconsin $1 billion

    It's no wonder why people who need healthcare in my state are paying higher prices for prescriptions and healthcare premiums and only have a choice of two insurance providers in my state. I wonder when voters are going to wise up and go blue?