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Republic or Oligarchy?

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    President Jerry and the California legislature has declared that California will become the greatest renewable energy state in the world by 2035, in other words, California is telling that warmongering, corrupt, lawless, greedy, polluting Oligarchic evil empire in Washington DC to go to hell which is where it belongs.

    President Jerry is getting in touch with other like minded leaders around the world who really do believe that saving the planet for future generations is a very wise thing to do.

    Other states in the USA are also joining the noble cause to save the planet and perhaps all these states will get together to form a new Republic.

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    Yes, forget the uneducated part of the country. However this country is now run by the these stupid idiots from Oklahoma, Indiana, Alabama, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, as well other stupid States. Except the "leader" who's from the NY. "mob". Indeed CA is the only area with "brains"