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The Bannon effect

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    As I said in another thread, that Bannon has gotten permission from Trump to spread his filth from the White House.

    Another effect is that we now also get bombarded again with Trump adds on the media.

    On top of that in D.C. they handed out flyers that people should report all illegals they know to ICE.

    This is all Hitler over again; that same way was applied to rounding up the Jews.

    This Bannon "decease" will only increase because he scored with Trump on the "climate rejection"

    Sorry people this will be no longer the US you did know.

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    Morning Joe has used the term " president Gannon ,several times this morning. I am sure it will catch on rapidly and you will hear it on many media outlets. This will drive the fat idiot absolutely crazy. His insane Twitter storm will be the story tomorrow.

    Bannon is full of bad advise. He is an evil twisted little man. We have a criminal element in our executive office.

    That is clear. Yesterday , they dug their hole even deeper.

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    According to WAPO, those fliers distributed in DC were fake:

    But, depending on which news sources, there's been a push by certain groups in certain areas to encourage deportation of illegals, by handing out flyers and other means.

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    Read this that will make you shiver!


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    I guess no one wants to read the above story, it will make you puke. So that may be the reason!!
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    I've read the story Dutch. I have know about Bannon and his affiliation with Britebart right wing publications, in fact, one could accuse britebart of floating all of these fake news stories we hear about, they, Trump gets his ideas from Bannon when saying that MSM are the ones putting out the fake news. I've know for a long time that Bannon has been a media troll for a very long time, the so called Obama death panels are probably one of the fake news pieces he's responsible for, right wing thinking people eat their crap up like pablum. There's nothing that can be done about it either, it's called the first amendment.
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    I read the article in the Ring of Fire link but it seemed rather incredulous to me. I did additional research. From Allan Smith at the Business Insider:

    Office of Government Ethics says Steve Bannon's waiver to speak with Breitbart is 'problematic'

    "The Office of Government Ethics said in a letter to Democratic senators this week that the Trump administration's blanket ethics waiver applicable to White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is "problematic because it is unsigned and undated" and "purports to have 'retroactive' effect.""

    Smith elaborates at the above link.