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The Paris Climate Change Agreement

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    Since I spend a lot of time with high school students, it's rare that I even have the radio on in my car as I am driving home. When I DO turn it on, about the only thing that I listen to is NPR.

    Today's show, titled "fresh air" included a discussion of a book titled, " Losing Earth - The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change". If you are ambitious, you can read the entire book on the New York Times website:

    Since I found the discussion interesting, I stopped by the local library to see if they had a copy, and discovered ANOTHER new book about climate change on the "new releases" pile. This one is titled "Uninhabitable Earth - Life After Warming", by David Wallace-Wells. Although it's a short book, there are an ADDITIONAL 65 pages of bibliography, so it's obviously a well-researched book. The book covers a wide variety of causes, so it's not surprising at all that Trump gets cited numerous times.

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    For the last 10 years, Rod Schoonover was an intelligence analyst for the government. His focus was on the impact of environmental and climate change on national security.

    Last month, the White House blocked his bureau’s written testimony on the national security implications of climate change to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. The stated reason was that the scientific foundation of the analysis did not comport with the administration’s position on climate change.

    As a result of Trump's stupidity, Schoonover recently resigned his position.

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    Government databases on accumulated scientific research data are being scrubbed as part of a purge of anything climate related. What next? Removal of all climate change books and related material from schools and libraries to be replaced by literature that says, "only God can control the weather" as James Inhofe once said on the Senate floor. This is insane.
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    Yes, this country is going to hell in a hurry. Sorry but " not any "human" created "god's" control the weather; the "universe" just does what it wants, without any "human" consultation. People can only help themselves by keeping the air and water clean, but yeah they rather pollute this planet. Keep people "dumb" then you can rule over them.
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    As you know, Robert Redford has long been an active environmentalist.

    He reminded us two days ago that although our withdrawal from the treaty becomes final on November 4, 2020 (the day after a Democrat becomes president) we could re-apply at that time, and be re-admitted to the treaty after 30 days, which would start the process of repairing the damage done by the Trump administration.

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    Schmidt Wrote:

    Donald Trump's stand against on the Paris Climate Change Agreement is just difficult to understand. As per the Vox article:

    Vox: Quitting the Paris climate agreement would be a moral disgrace

    "No laid-off coal miners will get their jobs back if President Trump pulls the United States from the Paris accord on climate change. No extra oil rigs will sprout in the Gulf. There is no employment upside to an “America First” retreat from global leadership on one of the few issues that can accurately be described as a potentially existential threat to humankind.

    "There is only the profound immorality of abdication — of gleefully passing a mounting problem on to our children, and on to the poor."

    In looking at all the possible reasons for Trump to withdraw, I can only come up with one that makes sense. President Obama was largely instrumental in getting it agreed. His efforts have been widely recognized globally to get 190 countries to put their signatures behind it.

    And that folks is why Trump is against it. As Dutch said in another thread, Trump has committed himself to undo every accomplishment of the Obama administration. Why? Because he hates the guy and is doing it for spite. No other reason makes sense to me. He just can't be that dumb. But hate works wonders on the mind.

    My opinion...

    The United States has officially rejoined the Paris climate accord. That was the easy part.

    Friday marks the first day the country is again part of the international agreement meant to stop the world from warming past a critical climate change threshold — a global average of 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels.

    Now the Biden administration will try to make up for lost time and repair the country’s standing among nations in the global fight against climate change after President Donald Trump made the United States the only nation to drop out of the accord.

    Although the United States technically left the Paris accord for only 107 days, Biden’s to-do list is lengthy.

    Biden has kicked off the process of setting a new national goal for cutting emissions that is more ambitious than Obama’s target of slashing carbon emissions by about a quarter below 2005 levels by 2025. But analysts say the United States is at risk of missing even that goal as Trump eased regulations that would have reined in carbon pollution.

    In the wake of Trump’s decision to leave the Paris agreement, many cities, corporations, universities, nonprofit groups and some states kicked off their own efforts to reduce their carbon footprints and keep the country on track, forming a coalition called We Are Still In.

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    Joe Biden is literally a "breathe of fresh air".

    In addition to getting us back into the Paris treaty, he just released a pledge to cutting the greenhouse gasses produced by the United States by 50% by the year 2030 - a mere 9 years into the future.

    Trump, you may recall, rolled back more than 100 environmental rules, and the New York Times published all of them earlier this year.

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    To quote a former vice president named Joe Biden, yesterday's conference was a "big f*****g deal".

    The virtual conference included some 40 countries, including China, Russia, and Brazil.

    In a show of renewed commitment after four years of the Trump administration’s unvarnished climate denial, Mr. Biden formally pledged that the United States would cut its emissions at least in half from 2005 levels by 2030. Barely three months into Mr. Biden’s presidency, the contrast with his climate-denying predecessor, Donald J. Trump, could not have been more striking.

    Just before Mr. Biden was set to speak, Japan announced it will cut emissions 46 percent below 2013 levels by the end of the decade, a significant show of solidarity with the United States.

    Domestically, Mr. Biden will be hard-pressed to win Republican support for his commitment, and without it, he will face skepticism that his promises will stick any more than President Barack Obama’s did.

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    I guess the only way to get Republican support is to have them smell "gas" instead of flowers; then they know hopefully what the difference is. Then have them smell "money" or an orchid; but I guess they will go for the money regardless on how it smells. But yeah how about some education about what is good for "humans" ; it is not money I bet. "Live and let live" should be the motto, but I guess they love pollution and thrive on it, until they get cancer or something else. They just want to be the party who obstructs anything what's good for the human race. Make the society one big stinking shit hole and make "money" of it is their logo. Please bring a dozen or so barf buckets.