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The money trail

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    Everything right now is kind of an deviation. The real story will be the money trail. The main reason is that Trump is dead scared that they will find out that he was part of an huge money laundering scheme for the Russians. He was dead broke in 2008 when the housing market collapsed; he borrowed from Russians and got into the laundering scheme. I may be wrong but my argument is that, why does he refuse to disclose his tax returns? How did he all of a sudden from being broke and not paying any taxes, become an billionaire in no time? Also I doubt if Obama did have an group of people working for him, who all traveled to Russia or had contacts there. So there must be an "scheme" to whitewash lots of money via Trumps "buildings" and LLC's. I doubt that looking into his associates dealings is the right thing; they should look into Trumps finances instead and demand his tax returns via an subpoena.
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    Yeah, I too believe he's a two faced bastard, he gets up to the podium and tells Americans to buy and build American and wants American companies to keep their manufacturing in America, he makes me want to vomit, having my suspicions that he has these off shore investments with banks in the Cayman Islands and other places he can hide money completely exempt from US Government interference or taxes, and totally legal. He's probably one of the world's biggest cheats in history. If we only knew. His tax plan for America reeks of corruption, which is probably why it's text version is only one page long. Remember how they dogged Romney? as it turned out, he got a break from the IRS on his Swiss bank accounts.