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Melania Trump to remain in New York?

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    Melania Trump had supposedly been planning to move into the White House in May after her son Barron finishes school. Change of plans.

    "After fighting a personal battle for many years over the negative effects aging was having on her skin, Melania decided to take matters into her own hands by producing her own range of anti-aging creams. A'Lasche Ageless Moisturizer and A'Lasche Ageless Eye Revitalizer are now available worldwide and Melania feels it necessary to stay in New York and oversee the day-to- day business."

    "I developed these creams as a desperate effort to restore both my skin and my confidence. I worked with a very talented and experienced team and together we have created something amazing, I can't wait for people the world over to use A'Lasche Ageless Moisturizer and change their lives for the better" Melania revealed whilst on The Today Show.

    "A'Lasche Ageless Eye Revitalizer is one of the most effective creams ever produced. Every person who has tried it has seen instant results that seemed almost impossible, myself included. These creams work more effectively than I could have ever imagined and I owe it to myself and the company to stay on and help them work miracles all around the world."


    Now before everyone gets on their high horses about what it costs the Secret Service to keep Melania in New York, just consider all the miracles around the world she is helping to make with her face cream. Believe me.

    Okay...hope you got that.WinkCrying

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    I know enough about aging and the body to boldly say it can't work, impossible to work and is yet another ploy on the hopeful. A shameful fraudulent ploy on the hopeful. If there was something to the reversing of the impossible it would have far greater recognition than an OTC facial cream. Probably appearing in burn and cancer units. Way to go Trumps.
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    I guess you didn't recognize satire...
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    The only way to preserve the way you look now, is to euthanize yourself, but before you do, call the taxidermist so they'll be available to stuff you immediately after.

    This is a living coyote:

    This is a stuffed coyote:

    Remarkable, ain't it?

    What's Donald going to do, tap Ivanka?

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    Yes...the wily coyote live or stuffed...

    I wonder if Trump has busts of his "trophy wives" stashed somewhere. Or busts of himself. We know he likes paintings of himself.

    Trump Used Money From The Trump Foundation, Which He’s Barely Given To, To Buy A Huge Painting Of Himself

    Anyway, back on topic, when I read the original satire article I had a good laugh and had to share it. Some people believed it because it is plausible in the saga of the Trump family shenanigans.

    In these times I enjoy reading the Onion, George Takei, and Andy Borowitz, and watching Stephen Colbert, Saturday Night Live impressions of Trump and Sean Spicer, Bill Maher, plus other late night comedians. But sometimes the best laughs come from watching the Donald himself. We can get in a rage and scream at the TV, but if you look at him through a different frame, you can lighten up. Ha. Remember Sarah Palin? Tina Fey on SNL used her exact incoherent utterances in her impersonation of her and she got lots of laughs. Ditto for the Donald and Melania.

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    Looking at the body language of Melania, I doubt if she is happy with her "grope boy". I think that she is really getting fed up with him and her protected "prison" life (body guards all day around you) However on the other hand she likes the luxury and is never short of "cash", so that is the only reason she sticks with it. I don't think it is fun to live with an grouchy old man who is mad at the world, but never admits the problem lies with himself.
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    I read in the news this morning that Baron Trump will apparently be attending a prep school in Maryland next fall, which means that Melania may actually be moving to D.C. to be with the groper in chief. Since he didn't spend Mother's Day with his current wife yesterday (golfing was more important) he is unlikely to do that when they live in the same city.

    Speaking of gropers, though, it was interesting to read that Callista Gingrich, former mistress (and current wife) of Newt Gingrich, will be the new ambassador to the Vatican, despite her TOTAL LACK OF DIPLOMATIC EXPERIENCE.

    As you are probably aware, a newt is a salamander

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    Are we saying that Callista is a lot lizard? Astonished
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    So melania out and about talking about cyber bullying whilst her sugar daddy is the worst offender, calling Omarosa a dog, belittling Brennan, saying a CBP agent speaks pretty good English (for being a brown person) we know that's what he meant, if she's sincere about bullying, she should go right back home and call him into the east wing and give him one swift kick right in his nut sack and tell him to stop being an asswipe.