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Impeach Mitch McConnell!

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    Just wait, it is not over till it is over, and that could be a long time. Trump and his cronies just won't allow, what you wrote. They will use every con man trick there is, I guarantee that. Mc Connell makes sure of that.

    Looking at the whole picture right now, it looks a bit like in 2016. How is it possible that such total crooks can get all these votes and the stupid media comes again with their "blue wave" craziness. Is n't time to listen to Mary Trump, dumb ass people? As I've said before that this country will go downhill in a hurry unless the "laws" get fixed in a hurry. If not this country will get even more divided and un-governable. The Dem's don't have an "backbone" which they have shown by allowing the election of the Supreme Court "bitch"; so I wonder in the coming "battles" if they are the weaklings as demonstrated in the past.

    Trump already claimed he "won"; so who tells him that this is another lie on top of the 20,000 lies.

    Indeed I've never seen an more stupid country in my life than this.

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    The fight for control of the U.S. Senate now is centered on Georgia, where the state’s close election has pushed at least one, and possibly two, of its Senate races to Jan. 5 runoffs.

    The outcome of those two races could shift the balance of power in the Senate, as Democrat Jon Ossoff tries to unseat Republican Sen. David Perdue, and Democrat Raphael Warnock faces off against Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler. Messrs. Ossoff and Warnock have been critical of President Trump, while Mr. Perdue and Ms. Loeffler have allied themselves with the president.

    Under Georgia law, if no candidate gets more than 50%, the two top vote getters, regardless of party, compete in a runoff to be held on Jan. 5.

    The Warnock-Loeffler race already is headed for a runoff, as the Associated Press projected Tuesday. Mr. Perdue’s share of the vote was at 49.88% as of late Thursday, with about 16,105 outstanding ballots still to be counted, according to the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office. Mr. Ossoff was at 47.81%. Some provisional and military ballots are also yet to be counted.

    Republicans will control 48 seats next year, and they lead in two other states—North Carolina and Alaska. Democrats so far have locked down 48 seats, leaving the two Georgia races as their best hopes to reach 50.

    If the Republicans win North Carolina and Alaska, then the split would be 50/50 if both Democrats win in Georgia, with Kamala Harris being the tie breaker. If the Republican win 1 of the Georgia seats, then it's 51/49 in their favor, and the Dems would need to find 1 or 2 Republicans who could be persuaded.

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    Yes I saw all this B.S. Just listen to Mary trump she is an better predictor than the "media". Georgia is run by an Hitler type Governor so what do you expect? In the last election it was already clear that he's an champion in voter repression. This Perdue guy is an total crook who's in bed with Trump. Of course Mc Connell played his game such way that the Dem's would not win the Senate. Looking at all of this; then welcome to the rebirth of an "banana republic"