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James Comey Replacement List

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    Fox News has wasted no time in putting together a list of their favorites for the FBI Director's position. Fox News: Trump fires Comey: Possible replacements for terminated FBI Director

    RAY KELLY: The longest-serving police commissioner in New York City, Kelly is noted for his "tough-on-crime stance, including support for provocative tactics like stop-and-frisk". Attorney General Jeff Sessions is also a tough on crime guy so the two would get along.

    CHRIS CHRISTIE: As governor of New Jersey and a former Republican-appointed United States attorney in New Jersey he has the credentials. He is also a Trump loyalist having served him well in the 2016 presidential campaign.

    DAVID CLARKE: "The outspoken and polarizing Milwaukee County, Wis., sheriff has been a fierce supporter of Trump and even landed a speaking spot at last summer's Republican National Convention...A conservative firebrand known for his cowboy hat, Clarke has called himself "one of those bare-knuckles fighters" and has been critical of what he called the "hateful ideology" of the Black Lives Matters movement."

    TREY GOWDY: The South Carolina Republican and former federal prosecutor, led the House committee investigation of Hillary Clinton's actions surrounding the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya. He was highly critical of Comey's decision not to prosecute Clinton in the email server investigation.

    My guess is that he'll choose Trey Gowdy. He might get a 2-fer if Gowdy follows up on his Clinton investigation charges and seeks to prosecute Clinton. The would be real red-meat to the Trump fanatics who have called repeatedly to "lock her up".

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    I don't hope you're right; this Gowdy guy gives me the shivers. Forget that he will continue to investigate Trump. Trump has enough idiots around him by now; just adding this guy then the "mafia" cult club is complete; watch your wallet.

    Anyway I hope the Dem's are alert and don't fall for Trump's trap; it is very clear what the objective of Trump is.

    Authorian Dictator that is his goal; no checks and balances.

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    Again, Democrats do not have the power to block any Trump nomination. The Republican Enablers will back Trump on his choice and a simple majority of the Senate is all that is needed. I suppose the Heritage Foundation will issue its list of preferred candidates for Trump and Sessions to choose from.

    Incidentally, Comey was approved by the Senate 93-1 when Obama nominated him in 2013.

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    Schmidt, yes you may be correct; again this shows as I said in another thread, that the "system" of government here, as well as "rules" and "no-rules" causes all of this shit. No vetting of an President as well an "electoral college" which originates from 1800 and no strict laws about strict limits about an Presidents business ownership and tax disclosure are missing, which is now biting us in the butt . Because of an Constitution which never contemplated Trump types to become President. Also an total loss of checks and balances, if one party runs the show and infiltrates all branches of government.
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    Dutch -- Again, I have less problems with our system of government than I do with "We the people" who choose not to participate in our government. The French elected their president with a 74 percent voter turn-out one of the lowest in several years. That compares with 59.3 percent for the our 2016 presidential election with the hotly contested Trump-Clinton match-up. Studies have shown that the people who do not vote would most likely vote 70 percent for the Democratic candidate if they had voted.

    Liberals are a fickle bunch. They like to bitch and complain, but I didn't see many of them with me on the streets knocking on doors at election time. They apply purity tests to the slate of candidates and find one reason why they should not vote. They are always protesting. On the other hand, conservatives, especially the crusaders, vote in overwhelmingly large numbers for any candidate that has the title of Republican. Party first. They vote based on morality and family values rather than issues and facts.

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    Subservient, capable of sticking head deeply into the sand, low on morals. I think we know "what" he's looking for. Now it's who.
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    NONE of the people that FOX mentioned as possible FBI replacements are suitable for the job. However, that is also true of virtually every one of his cabinet picks.

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    I am sure whomever he picks, we democrats will dislike the choice tremendously.
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    By not replacing Comey , the FBI is rendered impotent. There will be no replacement . It's all part of the coup.
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    Every single one of people on this list would take our country backwards. They will also bury the Russian investigation as soon as they politically can.

    As President Obama said earlier this week - Americans "get the politicians [we] deserve." He didn't mention Trump, but I have a feeling he was speaking directly to all those so called liberals who said Hillary and Donald were equally terrible.

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    They will cloud and dilute anything / everything. I think the needed Russian investigation should be a priority. All people should insist on a complete and thorough investigation to establish the fact that - truth - is essential. Every day that passes is a lesser chance of getting closer to the truth.

    Ethics for sale.