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107 million

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    The 107 million in donations for the Trump Inauguration has become a big fat slush fund for Trump and records reveal a lot of creative book keeping and phony names and addresses are involved in this slush fund and it is being used for corruption and gains access to Trump and since the Republican U.S. Congress is as corrupt as Trump is no one will be investigating this appalling example of illegal activity.
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    And that's a record too. $107M

    "At least eight NFL team owners kicked in big money for the inauguration. Seven of them, including Patriots owner Bob Kraft, whose team won the Super Bowl and visited the White House on Wednesday, gave $1 million apiece. Kraft's donation came via his limited liability company.

    Trump plans to name the New York Jets' Woody Johnson, one of those million-dollar donors, to be the country's ambassador to the United Kingdom."

    drain the swamp? looks a lot like it's been added to, pay to play is baaaaaack!