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The House of Frankenstein

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    Frankenstein created a monster that would end up murdering human beings.

    The Frankenstein Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives also created a monstrous health care bill that will end up murdering millions of ill Americans who can't afford it and those millions voted for that con artist Trump who said he would replace the Affordable Heath Care Act with a better affordable health care act, Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Trump and his gang of Robber Baron Stooges lied since this cruel, despicable act only benefits the HMO's and the Drug Corporations.

    Every Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives who voted for this cruel joke on the American people deserves to be fired (voted out of office) because such a heartless bill would only be supported by a pack of sociopathic, soulless, degenerate monsters.

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    Some of those representatives are getting earfuls from voters and constituents as they return to their home districts, the problem is do they really give a sh*t? Are they willing to change their votes from yes to no on Trumpcare? If they cared about the people who voted to install them, I'm thinking they would have voted no in the first place, so, evidently they don't care and lack remorse for passing such a garbage piece of legislation.
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    It should be known that human life in this country has little value; it is an piece of meat, which you should milk for "money" until it dies.

    The only objective of these GOP "yes" voters is to get part of the "pie", as well an pat on the back of the 1% billionaires who get rewarded for helping people to get into their graves a bit quicker.

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    Makes you wonder how much interest GOP members have in the insurance companies and pharmaceutical industry, yes?