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US Labor Market Rebounds

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  • Liberal Democrat
    Kenosha, WI
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    MSM reports that our labor market rebounded from a weak 1st. 1/4.

    Of course we all know who will take credit for this, but I say, thanks Obama.

    Isn't it odd that when a republican leaves office, that they'll take credit for positive economic news (except # 43 - he owns that bad news) but when a democrat leaves office the republicans tout that they're the ones responsible for good economic times? Okay, call me a hack, but Obama's policies helped ease some of the past recession. I have a feeling that this positive news has a drawback, one being that people still can't find good paying full time (40 hours) work, and two, most of the hires are part timers for the summer season. I'll wait for the BLS to adjust the good news.

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    Ft.myers, FL
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    Just remember what goes up will also go down. Unemployment figures don't tell the real truth. Once Trump puts his stupid "trade" deals in place things could change in an hurry. Since I traveled the whole world; then from that perspective, people are not so fond of American products; you don't see many Chevy's because of quality (may be better now because of "robots") I guess even the Americans have more "made elsewhere goods" in their house than American made. If Trump imposes import tariffs, I doubt if they will immediately buy American made goods. This was tried before and backfired. I guess most added jobs right now are more or less in the "service" industry. This may drop as well if Trumps healthcare idea's may get realized; less service, less nurses or doctors required; however the funeral services jobs may pick up.
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    Dockadams says it all:

    "people still can't find good paying full time (40 hours) work"