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The press dinner

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    Trump of course did not go because Obama last time made an ass of him. As well the press is now his "enemy" so he scolded them again in an PA rally which he did set up just to show how "popular" he is with the dumb supporters he has.

    The only reason he wanted that "rally" because he "kicks" on that, because once in Washington, no one cheers him on, so he needs that to boasts his ego again as an mental patient. If he does not have these rally's then he may be commits suicide out of desperation.

    So Dem's make sure he stays stuck in Washington and don't allow any "rally's" anymore then we can get rid of this idiot.

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    "The first 100 days" is not just a presidency benchmark. The opposition should be measured as well. Frankly I would give us a C- which beats my initial thought of D+.

    We are not in good order and at best we will look weak and ineffective while trying to seem like there's a message. Out to lunch.

    Sorry, I strayed off topic.