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    The best proof of the existence of America's Orwellian World (America's mass news media) is the fact that this world refuses to acknowledge the reality that America is no longer a Republic but is instead a corrupt, warmongering, fascist oligarchy.

    The Orwellian World of misinformation has also been trying to white wash the dark side of Steve Bannon, Trump and his appointees, followers and billionaire donors by suggesting that this motley gang is nothing more then populists when in truth they are corrupt fascists and their is nothing more un-American and anti-American than a fascist. Vicious attacks by Trump supporters against opponents of Trump are increasing across this country and this reveals the fascist creeps who support this corrupt scum bag Trump and the police are refusing to stop these fascist attacks.

    America's Orwellian World also refuses to reveal all the countries being devastated by the U.S. Military and the horrific increases in war crimes that are being committed by the U.S. Military since Trump took office.

    Since the Orwellian World is owned by the Military Industrial Complex and they are making trillions because of these endless wars they have a powerful incentive (greed) to keep these war crimes out of the news media.

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    This doesn't make any sense at all.

    The United States is not being ruled by a fascist oligarchy. Do you understand the definition of fascism, oligarchy, or fact?

    We have a Republican(!!) Congress that hasn't allowed Donald to get any of his priorities passed into law and we have courts that have blocked Donald every step of the way. And he hasn't even been President for 100 days!

    I also don't understand your infatuation with George Orwell. Animal Farm and 1984 are works of fiction, not documentaries. I've read both, but I've also read most of his nonfiction books.

    Fictional books are just that - works of fiction. Do you read works of fiction and convince yourself that they are factual? If so then there are some awesome fictional books out there that will blow you mind!

    Take a deep breath. Inhale and then exhale. The sun will come out tomorrow. That is unless you live in Portland. We've had one hell of a rainy season this year...

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    Jared, may be you are right, However what Connie says has some truth in it. Let's hope the "system" here prevents it. If I'm looking at that he wants to abolish the 9th district courts and "hammers" on "war" with N.Korea , as well he wants S.Korea to pay for our defense as well get rid of the trade agreement with them , then I fear Connie is right.

    Another thing is that the "ethics" commission is an huge joke, as well that he has Comey in his pocket as well Corsuch.

    Thus there is an unraveling of the system; it does not work, since Trump's goal is wanting full authority over everything.

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    We should be ever vigilant in guarding our republic. Connie is right.our military is out of control. We kill millions of innocent people all over the world . We destroy governments like the one in Iran the one in venezeula the governments in Chile and Argentina both attacked by our CIA. These fuckers killed our president in 1963 and to this day no one has very been arrested or charged. Don't Tell me we are ok. The citizens united ruling has allowed our government to be put up for sale. That ruling was the end of our republic. The end of democracy. The fat idiot is just that , an idiot. Too stupid to understand one thing about reality. His advisors are admitted Nazis. How can you have Nazis running our government and still think it's ok ? The news media is owned by two corporations. That is fascism. That is the definition of fascism. Corporations owning the government controlling the government against the wishes of the electorate is facism . Look it up. Just because we used to be a free republic does not mean we still are. We are not.

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    I believe the American people have a real problem dealing with the truth and reality and until they realize their government is a warmonger, corrupt, lawless Oligarchy the American people will continue to be victimized by such a rotten system.