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President Obama Returns to the Spotlight

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    It has seemed more like 100 years than 100 days, but President Obama has come out of the shadows and returned to the University of Chicago to host a round table of students and faculty about ways to get people involved in "civic engagement."

    I don't think there's any single more important issue than Americans reengaging with the country they are citizens of. We know we have a major problem when more people watch "Dancing With the Stars" than participate in the democracy that they live in. And if there's anything we should know by now, it's that we get the democracy we vote (or don't vote) for.

    On a side note - it's amazing how much I didn't realize I missed heading his voice on any given day. I would take hearing him over Donald any day of the week...

    (I'll post a video of his speech and Q&A Session once the University of Chicago uploads it.)

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    You just struck a nerve with me. I was blogging or typing on another forum when I was bumped for my points of view, it was most definitely conservative leaning with most if not all moderators hard right leaning.

    I wrote that anyone who didn't vote didn't have the right to complain about the person elected. I still stand by that philosophy, because people who do not vote are not exercising their civil rights or their civic duty.

    I was tuned into NBC5 Chicago and all they showed were snippets of President Obama live, then they broke away to regular Chicago news. NBC might air Obama's Chicago visit later tonight. NBC isn't anything like PBS though, because PBS sometimes airs things several times over 2 to 3 week periods.

    I liked what our former president said in his opening remarks, and could watch him speak at length, he knows how to touch people's lives.