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    A man was taken into custody by one of the Jenner girl's houses. He was in possession of a drone. Depending upon whether he had high powered lenses would determine if charges would be brought. The question of invasion of privacy is based on a false assumption. A person does not look into anything. Light comes from an object and enters the eyes. Observing is totally passive and the light is coming from an object. A person does not look into anything. A person is a receiver just like a dish antenna on a house. The information is carried away from the object in the light waves. A person observing is hit by the light waves. Nothing is or can be done to induce the light waves to come toward the observer. If a person wants privacy then the light reflected off them needs to be blocked. I never brought this up before because I detest peeping Tom's. Now I think some individuals may be getting into trouble for false reasoning.
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    If a person doesn't want their privacy invaded, they should not use social media, they should guard their drivers license number and social security account number and their bank account numbers with their lives. When using atm or credit cards, they should look at the machine they're inserting their cards into for skimming devices, they should be aware of their surroundings everywhere, even at home. If a person sees drones operating near their windows or over their property, they should call their local police department and make a report. People should never look directly into the sun for extended periods of time without eye protection. People should not leave their personal information in their vehicles.
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    The government is sifting through e mails, texts, phone calls, internet searches and everything else they can touch. Started with the Patriot act and was said to fight terrorism. That's bullshit. Information gathered can be sold for advertising. Very sadly our privacy has been sold and less than 2% of the public complained.

    Drones can do many things. Half are good or great. Morons with drones can watch / video that which they should never have access to. I think extremely harsh penalties should be put in place.

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    Our, US government mining operations:

    the NSA, born around 1917, one of their operations was

    Black Chamber[edit]

    Western Union allowed MI-8 to monitor telegraphic communications passing through the company's wires until 1929.[21]

    MI-8 also operated the so-called "Black Chamber".[22] The Black Chamber was located on East 37th Street in Manhattan. Its purpose was to crack the communications codes of foreign governments. Jointly supported by the State Department and the War Department, the chamber persuaded Western Union, the largest U.S. telegram company, to allow government officials to monitor private communications passing through the company's wires.[23]

    I believe our government never stopped spying on it's own people. I believe in fact that the FBI spied on Dr. Martin Luther King, and other people and organizations too.