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warmongering oligarchy

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    Trump's touching, sorrowful lament over the babies killed by Syrian chemical attack reveals how poor a memory Trump has since one of his first acts as President was to OK a special forces attack on Yeman which caused the slaughter of 26 children and women.

    Trump told his generals they had his blessing on anything they did in that region of the world so the rate of slaughter and maiming of children, women and men has tripled.

    For decades the U.S. Government has been bombing hospitals, mosques, schools, weddings, funerals, market places and anything and everything else leaving these countries in ruins and the U.S. Military calls all these activities Collateral Damage and International law calls these activities War Crimes.

    No one in the U.S. Government or in America's legal systems have objected to these barbaric, illegal activities and the Orwellian World of Rot (America's mass media) has been totally silent about these on going, endless war crimes which means truth and justice no longer exists in America and instead has become a warmonger, corrupt, lawless Oligarchy owned and operated by the Military Industrial Complex and the Arms Dealers.

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    Absolutely correct; it is again an shame no one replied on your thread. Yes this is the most hypocritical naive country in the world. Like the Spicer guy, who mentioned Hitler, but forgot all the people and little kids we murdered in Vietnam with "agent orange" and "napalm", let alone how many we killed in Iraq and Afghanistan by our invasions.

    Sorry but I hate hypocrites who love war and militarism, but go bravely to church and think an "invisible human created "god" thing" approves all of this. May I puke

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    America has been at war 93% of the time 222 years out of 239 - as of 2015, it would seem that America is always looking for a new boogieman.

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    Excellent; did we learn from all of that? Did we get better of all of that? As an example China has not that burden to spent all their resources on wars, so their infrastructure and living standards keep improving. Down here we make very little progress and the rural area's stood still and are backwards. On top of that our idiot in the Whit House elected "white" people from the "backwards States" like Sessions, who only love to discriminate, so we only sink deeper into the swamp. Thus I predict that this country will stay in wars and wars with itself on this "island"; that is the culture here, but won't last forever just like any Empire; it will eventually disappear.
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    First of all, China has wasted trillions also maintaining their oppressive authoritarian regime. They has entire cities that are empty ,they have laid waste to their environment it's so bad they wear dust masks to walk to work.

    China is not a shining example of how to build a society. China is a mess too. But our nation has been taken over by the new world order long ago. They looked JFK because he tried to be rid of them. He wanted to abolish the CIA , and he did not want to get involved in Vietnam. Now Vietnam was a CIA opp. They were using the heroin trade to finance their covert operations all over the world including here at home. The NWO backed Hitler. They attempted a coup in the USA in the 1930s . They are the billionaires . That who they are.they want to control the entire world for their bennefit . They are the very same families who have always owned everything .The very same families through history who are responsible for all of the world's ills.the very same families who own all the land. They don't like the fact that the USA has national parks we all own. They don't care about human rights.

    Their greed is boundless. Now , we are a nation perched on the brink of economic collapse. The wars are out of control and it's only a matter of when we are also being attacked right in our own cities. You cannot kill millions of innocent people and not expect that to come back on you eventually. Millions of enemies we have created are going to figure out a way to get even.

    We are been taken over by cyber warfare. The Russians planted a virus on our Diebold machines and threw our election. Hillary did win.

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    I agree with most of your comments. Most are probably true. Greed is persuasive to much of the world. Not just financial but control as well. The new commodity is perceived control. It's those with money who are asked questions or for opinions. Would love a small bit of hope. Time will tell.
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    Greed is a mechanism that generates incomes. There has to be one more step to keep the money in the economy and working. Tax the greed. But now days a lot of Democrats are opposed to equitable taxation.