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Senate Republicans Have Officially Stolen a Supreme Court Seat

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    wwjd Wrote:

    The WP is reporting that trump almost pulled the nomination because Gorsuch didn't publicly display the loyalty trump expects from people who owe trump.

    trump's view is that he gave Gorsuch the supreme court job, and with that comes a lot of things trump expects in return, such as 100% loyalty, being able to get Gorsuch on the phone 24x7x365 to discuss how Gorsuch should vote prior to SC decisions. For trump, these are expectations he has for everyone who he perceives owe him, and he was very frustrated that Gorsuch's behavior was not signaling that any of trump's expectations were going to met before or after Gorsuch got the job.

    If trump wanted a Supreme Court justice that he could control\intimidate, he should have nominated someone simular to Jeff Sessions, someone is afraid of trump's tweets.

    "Oh my, what I am going to do? trump is throwing diet coke cans at the TV and pissed in his pants again. I'd better do what he says or he'll tweet on me and I'll never recover"

    Sorry, it is the "system" here which screws up everything; even "appointments" can't be done straightforward. Why stick with an antique British systems which does n't work in 2017? Appointments for "life" are ridiculous; even Trump is already "senile" so are most of the "judges". Also the 3 independent sections of the government as defined by the Constitution is no longer a safeguard as proven by our dictator Trump. (they approved the "travel ban" under pressure) Let alone the military, without any financial oversight. No, the Constitution needs an drastic overhaul. As well the Supreme Court (needs "modern", non partisan, non religious, young blood as well not being elected for "life")