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sanctuary state

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    California's government is hoping it can become a sanctuary state and in so doing uphold the ideals, principles, values and rule of law this country once stood for since the U.S. Government is no longer a Republic and instead has become a warmongering, corrupt, lawless Oligarchy.

    Since America is no longer a Republic California should secede from the Union and become an independent Republic.

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    A lot of states and cities are sanctuary places, it's what makes America great, a giant melting pot of different ideas and cultures, without that, America would look like the Trump family, yuck.

    Bernie Sanders and others who understand this are totally against an oligarchy, if the thread starter is an independent, he or she would know this.

    If Trump wants to deport illegals, someone should remind him of how fields of produce rotted in the fields in some southern states because they passed laws against the immigrant and migrant worker. Americans depend upon immigrants and migrant workers for their valuable contributions to American society. Instead of republicans and Trump trying to deport people and families, they should be working harder to allow a path to their legal citizen status.