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    Power is a political simulation game of the U.S. political system, complete with an executive branch (including a cabinet) and a legislative branch (currently only a senate). There are 50 states, each with its own governor and two senators. You can create or join a political party and then enter primaries and elections for either governor or senator. You accrue a certain amount of power each turn and can use it to raise money, raise state influence, or other actions (each with their own cost in terms of power, money, or reputation). As a governor, you can set tax rates and spending on any number of issues, including abortion and gun control. The game has recently been reset, so jump in while opportunities abound. I am Theodore Roosevelt, the Class II Senator from Massachusetts (, and I intend to form the Progressive Party once I have enough power and money. Almost all of the game's users use Discord extensively (both for OOC conversation and IG organization). You can find the Progressive Party Discord here: I hope you join Power and the Progressive Party as well! We're always welcoming new members!

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    Mitchell Clifford, I am interested in anything that might generate an income from the internet. Is there a point in your game when enhanced features ß! are offered? If so how are they dispensed and accounted for. Is it an open opportunity ? I would appreciate any information. Thanks .