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Democrats Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place With Gorsuch

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    Schmidt Wrote:

    I kind of liked the guy on first impressions, but as the testimony wore on I became more uncomfortable. Maybe that's just me. The thought of him being on the Supreme Court for maybe 35-40 years bothers me.

    My impressions are that he is not so far right he would outright overturn Roe v Wade. He probably would have rulings in favor of continued limitations so that is nearly impossible for women to make decisions without breaking the law. Example, if he personally believes that humans rights exist at the very instant of conception, then all his rulings will be Parent rights vs Child rights, and legally\logically speaking, no parent has the legal right to kill their own child. I think the best we can hope from him would be rulings where the mother has 110% chance of dying before giving birth, thus both die in the process. I'd guess, like the Trucker case, he would rule against a rape victim stating that being "Raped" does not change the biological process of conception, therefore one crime does enable the mother to commit a crime because she has the option of giving the child up for adoption... Overall, my impression of him is that he does not have empathy. The impact on human lives is not part of an equation, it's about the process of law.

    I was watching his wife's reaction during the hearing. Its 100% unfair for me pass judge on her, so my next comment really is invalid\unfair. She looked\acted like the typical conservative wife that defers to her husband on everything that happens outside of the home, and is only on equal footing on parenting of their children; everything else is his. As a modern wife, she might provide feedback when asked, but she is only a trusted advisor, not an equal partner in their relationship.

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    Although it was denied, I bet 5 or 6 qualifying questions were asked and I can't imagine R vs W wasn't a pass/fail question. All things that are spoken quietly. If Trump can't deliver the basic stuff, why is he even there.
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    Having spent my entire working career in the corporate world, I have met and worked with all types of people....many good and many not so good. It struck me that Gorsuch wasn't being honest in his replies. He has an ability to charm certain types of people like Ted Cruz, who also is devious. Maybe that's why Ted Cruz feigned over him...they're soul mates of sorts.

    He seemed to really like the line of soft ball questioning from the Republicans, and he was just dismissive in his charming smug way to Democrats. I just don't trust the guy. He was No.1 on the "Trump list" for a reason. Someone put him there...probably not Trump...more likely Bannon.