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Why interview the liars?

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    By continuing to interview Trump's liars on TV the message sent is lying is success. I watched George Stephanopoulos get disgusted with Trump's blonde deviator. But he didn't pin her down to answer specifics he just looked fed up. There should not be anymore interviews just commentary. But the owners of the news look at the bottom line of what attracts people so they continue to parade the unbelievable liars in front of the viewing public. What can the viewing public learn from this other than lying to get your way is the way to success?
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    Its the interviews\tweets that cause Trump to dig a deeper and deep hole. Afterwards, his representatives\staff are forced to explain how a square pegs fits into a round holes, and how microwave ovens are being controlled by Obama to spy on people.

    You know his staff is BS'ing when they say gobbledygook: "The president's comments speak for themselves, I refer you back to what he said".

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    Just being on TV gives credence to the liars. Media owes more than that.

    Insurance for everybody just turned into 24 million losing insurance.

    But I blame it on administrations allowing money velocity to lower the standard of living and cutting taxes .

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    I hate it when MSNBC gives publicity to Trump lies by playing clips of him over and over again. They have played right into Trump's long as Trump is the center of attention it detracts from the issues of the day.

    Rachel Maddow refuses to cover Trump's tweets and instead is engaging in real informative journalism with respect to Trump's Russian connections. We need more reporting like that.

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    It's a problem. Every week they find a new stooge to go on TV and promote their newest bunch of bullshit lies. That fat idiot Huckabee fooled exactly no one. The guolish Miller guy is a train wreck white supremist. He is in no way a presentable option. They keep trotting that mess Kelly Ann out and she gets worse with every appearance . The lies are piling up now. There are too many to keep track of. The term Watergate on steroids is gaining momentum and the Congress will be under extreme pressure from now on. Today is the deadline for the Obama bugged me lie. It's time the press started demanding some straight answers. It's time they start cutting the Mike when they just keep lying. Just ignore them and do the report. There are plenty of democrats they can put on who will tell the truth. Go with the truth and see if that might be the best way to approach this problem.
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    Maindawg; yes you have the right vision. But yeah,who is going to stop all this B.S.? Right now the "bulge" under the "carpet" is getting huge. So who takes action? MSNBC only looks at what "sells" as well "sensation". "Truth" is not their goal. Neither any real honest action of the parties; some "weak" murmur from the Dem's that's all.
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    1. despite campaign promises to “do everything for veterans,” Trump has still not found the time to meet with a single veterans organization since assuming office.
    2. Insurance for everybody.
    3. Lots of good paying jobs.
    4. Make America great again .
    5. Drain the swamp.