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Trumps infrastructure money

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    Trump wants "one trillion dollars" for infrastructure. They showed on TV that most our highways, overpasses. airports of which are more than 50 years old need drastic repairs.

    However this will not improve this country. As an example in Europe they make sure that "infrastructure" stays up to date with "quality" materials, as well having each year the proper "budgets" for it. The advantage is that they then have "money" left to modernize "public transport" such as high speed rail.

    I just about want to bet that all of Trumps huge budget (if ever approved) will solely be used to fix our "old" infrastructure; so no money left for "new" public transportation; thus this country will remain "backwards" compared to Europe. Example: It is same for your car; if you don't maintain it, you get stranded; the thing will fall apart; if you fix it later , it cost an fortune. So there is then no money for a new car; except "finance" it. We call that the "viscious" circle. Typical the US system of wasting money.

    Also don't forget that at least an"third" of this money disappears in the pockets of Trump's "contractor" buddies; the same way why an "toilet" seat costs $500 in the Pentagon.

    That is what you get if you are"solely" an " capitalistic consumption" society, without "brains"

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    Every candidate always promises a giant infrastructure project. And they have painted and rebuilt most highway bridges around here in past 10 years. RT 80 is under construction every 10 years as far back as I can recall . They raised all the bridges on 80 for military purposes recently. So the whole bit is just a bullshit campaign promise.
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    When it comes to fiscal matters those bragging fiscal conservative Republicans spend a lot of time dwelling in Fantsyland.

    Trump wants to spend 56 billion more on the Military Industrial Complex, 50 billion on that absurd border wall, 50 billion for that vast national security surveillance police state, 50 billion to begin rounding up and incarcerating 20 million immigrants, 1 trillion on the U.S. Military and the wars in 6 countries and 1 trillion on infrastructure and Mr. Delusional Trump thinks? he is going to pay for all this spending by cutting taxes for the Robber Barons/Global Corporations and the 1% and instead cut back on domestic programs like Medicaid to pay for all this.

    I hate to bust Trump's delusional bubble but the Military Industrial Complex takes up most of the discretionary budget and I doubt the American people want to trade their diminishing domestic programs to pay for these insane criminal wars, those unconstitutional surveillance police state systems, the corrupt Military Industrial Complex, war on immigrants and Trump's folly; the border wall.

    The truth is the only way Trump can pay for all these trillion/billion dollar plans to make America great again will be to tax big time those dead beat Robber Barons/Global corporations and the 1% who pay no taxes or very little taxes.

    In summary those Robber Baron Stooge Republican's priorities are not in the best interest of the American people and the planet and do not uphold the ideals America once stood for.