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Predictions if any?

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    Trump needs a war (besides ISIS). Maybe not right away but before the midterm election. There will be some manufactured "provocation". The question is, which country?

    North Korea or Iran.

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    Schmidt, I don't hope so! If so I certainly hope Europe will stay out of it. If Korea; then I don't think the Chinese will sit "still" and let Trump do his thing. So that may mean WWIII. If Iran then I don't know; only it will make the middle east an waste land with another zillion refugee's,who Trump does n't want to have here. But yeah we have so much money "loaned" that we can afford some more wars, since we saved fortunes on "Meals on Wheels" as well Trumps trips to his FL palace.

    (spent by now more than $15 million plus on that!)

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    Take a look at what 9/11 did to George W. Bush's approval ratings:

    Gallop, George W. Bush Approval ratings

    George W. Bush Presidential Job Approval

    George W. Bush's Job Approval Ratings Trend

    His approval went from 51 percent to 90 percent in just two weeks. Don't you know that Trump and his surrogates understand that. So since this thread is about making predictions, it is my sense that Trump will be looking for or manufacturing a provocation for war. It will be before the midterm election. Republicans will help make it happen...they are his enablers.

    My opinion...nothing else. No push back necessary. I hope I am wrong.

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    I had a similar prediction a few days ago. My thinking is that it will happen before the mid terms election simply because things are going down hill too fast for him, by the mid terms he'll have lost too much power to be able to do anything. And a lot will depend in circumstances for war.

    Setting aside the timing factors (hair splitting), If its a manufactured war based on Trump's opinion that nobody trusts, there will be huge internal push back (massive demonstrations in the millions) and very little support from allies, going to war will be by far his biggest blunder, ensuring he would not get re-elected. However, a war could still allow him to push through some of his agenda on the back of the war, like the building the wall, increased military spending, crack down on immigration, and anything else related to security\war.

    What is scary is that Trump really needs is another 911 attack to boost his political power. IMHO, its scary because if something like that is needed to gain more political power, somehow, someway, the factors for that kind of disaster seem to come about. One of those factors is that terrorists are more likely target countries when the current leader (ie Trump) is easily provoked into counter attacking in very stupid ways (ie attack Iraq, etc). We could see Trump attempt to invade Iran or North Korea to take full control of one or both, and it would just be a huge US sinkhole. We'd get no support from allies thus costing us trillions. A war in either Iran or NK would make the Iraq war look like we invaded Disneyland.

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    wwjd -- Yes, I had read your previous post and largely agree with it. Trump needs an excuse to show our military at its best "protecting America". Any attack on the "homeland" will also serve for Trump to push back on opponents and judges who have blocked his "Muslim ban". For now though, he is still getting his organization of think-a-likes together. His staffing of offices is slow in finding the people who do not think like Obama.

    So we agree that what may happen will probably have to wait until sometime in 2018...perhaps late spring or early summer. That is unless some event intervenes for his benefit.

    The war on ISIS also needs to come to a close first or have winded down.

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    Crazy that war is even a possibility in any conversation. If we had obvious evidence of a significant provocation it can be done as a defense without disapproval. The president is a bull shit master who would sadly distort an explanation and distort reporting to get his version out there. Internationally we would be questioned.
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    So this week is this new time of every day is crazier than the day before , we learned that the fat idiot owns some giant Trump tower where he launders money with the Iranian supreme guard or some such thing. And the Russians are aligned with Iran. So since the fat idiot is owned we now learned from Ratchel Maddow and many other publications piling on , by Russia , Putin and the Kremlin. Turns out Flynn was on the Russian payroll the entire time and now he decides to register. He is getting ready to sing like a bird to save his ass. So the fat idiot cannot pick a fight with Iran , the favorite bad guy for the rethug party the past 40 years now. So sad , they won't get along on who to attack.

    So the fat idiot decides to pick a fight with N Korea. Rex rattles his sword and goes to China all full of whatever crap the fat idiot put him up to . You could actually see his tail tucked between his hind legs in the meeting conference with the Chinese dude who is glaring at the out of place oil billionaire. Ha it was too funny.

    Mean while the fat idiot clings to the big lie and forces the entire rethug party to be mired in it and the media is not going to let it go. They will make it grow.

    There is no way out for the fat idiot. He will probably take the cowards way out eventually.good riddance.

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    Yes I agree, however I think an "war" is not the way out for Trump. It was already said on TV that the US due to its "Monroe" doctrine, i.e. "America First" will elevate China to the "real" number "one". Since China also spends much more on "soft" power through the world than the US right now and increases such, while Trump drastically reduces such as halving the US contribution to the UN, then the Chinese will have more influence in world affairs. Also don't forget the Chinese military they are well equipped and well trained. Thus personally I don't expect an war there; the Chinese will prevent such from happening. Tillerson left there with the tail between his legs. Also don't underestimate Iran when I was there I negotiated "troop ships" (planes); they are very well trained and disciplined not at all like the Iraqi army.
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    My Prediction: Sorry to say the American public is too stupid to do anything,neither their "elected" representatives. Thus I think all off this just carries on and on and no one blinks an eye, because all of it will become just "fake news" .

    Until now I don't see any "guts" to stop this "lunatic" in his "tracks" right now. Before the inauguration plenty of lawyers had an big mouth about "conflict of interests" etc., but now it is "dead" quiet. Idiots like Price get daily attention spewing lies, but no one shoots him down. Unbelievable what an country of weaklings; if Obama would have done the same; he would have been strung up a long time ago. Nothing but hypocrites; all they do is talk , talk, talk, but no action. Chicken heads, nothing else.

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    On MSNBC, during a panel discussion, they brought up the issue that Trump has the power to pardon anyone\everyone who is currently being investigated by the FBI related to having connections to Russia. The suggestion being that Trump, as president, has the power effectively shut down the investigation by pardoning those who would committed crimes while working for the Trump campaign. This would cause a huge political crisis because he would be admitting that "unspecified" crimes were committed without allowing the FBI to finish their investigation. It would be like Nixon pardoning everyone involved in the watergate breakin, blocking the FBI from investing the crimes.

    The panel discussion went on to say that any past president would, like Nixon, resign rather than actually pardon people who had committed crimes on behalf the president. However, they agreed that Trump is so narcissistic that he could go that far to prevent the FBI from being able to complete their investigation. By doing so, it would be clear to the vast majority of the country and the world, he was admitting guilt to crimes and was using his power as president for personal protection and gain.

    MSNBC panel discussion was clearly hypothetical based on a worse case scenario that the FBI investigation goes on to identify a clear collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, and that Trump then uses his full powers in unethical ways to wipe out the FBI's biggest case in US history.

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    It would be the beginning of the end. Unless race is still reason enough to put up with absolutely anything / everything.

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    There is only one sane and common sense answer to America's incredible medical care mess and that is single payer like all the other countries on the planet have.
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    An article on Facebook said single payer would cut consumers costs drastically. If I wasn't at a baseball game I would post a link. Insurance lobby must be tamed and bridled.

    Pharma is next.

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    Question is, which country would Trump choose a war with? There's so many countries that he has a lost list.
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    Trump is not a politician or politically or legacy motivated. A war would not benefit Trump personally. He doesn't care what people think. He cares about advancing Trump. Somebody that knows financing at the Trump level could tell exactly what is happening and what is in the future. Trump is Trump Tower. Take a look at Trump Tower. It is not in his nature to fight over ideology. The prediction is that whatever expands and grows like the Tower is what Trump will do. Carlitos is the person most likely to predict Trump's future actions.