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    Hello. This seems like a community interested in politics, so I'd like to introduce a game that might be of interest to you all:

    This is a pretty realistic political/election simulation game where you can run as a governor or a senator for any of the 50 states, each of which have unique demographic statistics. There are also political parties (you can create your own if you wish) and presidential elections every 400 hours or so. You get a certain amount of power every hour and you use it to raise money and home state influence. As a governor, you have power over state policy, such as infrastructure projects and taxes. As a senator, you can propose and filibuster bills.

    If you're interested, then create an account. After that, click on the header "Parties" and click "Party List". Then find the Democratic Party and join it. Discord is a pretty significant auxiliary to the game, so once you've joined the party, send me a message in-game and I'll send you the link to the Democratic Party chat! My name is Mitchell Clifford and I'm the Governor of Massachusetts. My profile can be found here:

    I hope you enjoy it as much as we all have!