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Trumps war budget

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    Mr. asshole Trump wants $54 billion for the military. Wow; even more "toys".

    The guy is crazy; who would want to invade this country? who wants our "debt". who would want all the "deplorables? who would want to fight all the "gun" owners here? who would want our polluted beaches, waterways, polluted air, bad roads, abandoned factories, malls and boarded up houses. who would want an uneducated bunch of beer drinking or stuff sniffing naive rednecks.

    Anyway, don't we have "junk" enough , which we can park somewhere in the Nevada desert?? We certainly do not need it for our own country, because we are the one's who start wars all over the place and then run like hell once we totally ruined those places. But yeah like Trump says, it is time we "win" some more wars. What a laugh; we have not "won" one war since WWII. So lets use our tax money to make this even worse.

    My suggestion is to use that money to built "high speed' rail throughout the country. That gives work plus benefits for the "poor" who can't afford an Ferrari. But yeah that is not so much fun than shooting lots of people who you never met or did this country any harm.

    Sorry this guy has no clue about anything, let alone the world around this "island"

    Just for the fun of it the following:

    1) An third World War is unlikely; because that will mean the end of us all.

    2) the only 'threat" is "terrorists"; you don't need an $400 million F35 plane for that.

    3) future war like action is either "cyber" or "economical" related

    4) We should stop our "policing" and "bullying" the world or start wars because we don't like an dictator or country.

    5) We should stop acting like that we "run" the world and everyone has to bow to us. Reduce our bases and military deployment around the world; ballistic missiles can do that job if needed. Stop patrolling the seas acting as if we own it.

    6) An expansion of our military will only create another "weapons/arms" race, solving nothing else except more friction in the world.

    7) The only ones who get better from this "budget" are the arms producing billionaires; not the "people"

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    Dutch Wrote:

    Sorry this guy has no clue about anything, let alone the world around this "island"

    He is nothing more than a sales guy. He knows nothing about the car (or whatever) he is selling, it just something to sell. He'll be able to tell customers the various colors, size of engine, and few other basic details, just enough to bluff people into thinking he's a car expert, but he couldn't change the oil if needed.

    When Trump gets in the room with the professional experts on economics for example, his level of understanding is no better than middle school students, while the professionals have been dealing with the economics problems for 20+ years and college degrees. This is why people say he is a great listener in private, because he is not actively engaged in the discussion, he simply does not understand what they are saying if they don't keep it extremely simple.

    He wanted to win the election, but he never wanted to be president. He has no talent or passion for being a leader who has to make wise\tough decisions.

    IMHO, If he has some health issue, he'll resign without hesitation. Keeps his victory, but hands the rest over to Pence.

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    54 billion for military was expected, at least mass spending was expected. It gets wrapped in "hey I am protecting you" wrapping paper. Stupid to buy what isn't needed when there are real problems to address.

    Melania gets nice "stuff" but you can't buy respect or dignity. Divert attention from real issues that 85% are dealing with.

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    Just one question: What did we learn from all our "lost" wars??? Nothing at all!!! We did spent trillions, killed hundreds of thousands of people. Is it an better world right now?? The US meddling all over that is creating enemy's, as well Trump's "tweets" and calls to heads of countries. When are we going to wake up and take care of our own people instead putting our noses into anything in the world which does not suits us??

    We were the "nice" caring people just after WWII; what have we become now?? Arrogant bullies!!!

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    Again this subject was discussed on TV. Finally an guy was invited who had it dead on. He said we can make it as "big" as Trump wants it, but just one guy in an basement somewhere with an keyboard can make all our toys obsolete. Also if our enemy's concentrate on all our communication satellites and "laser" these or interrupt the military once's from operating, then what are we going to do with all our expensive useless junk. Also missiles can be " redirected" if their operating system is "hacked". Thus our $13 billion ships are useless if our enemy's are smarter than us with an "key pad".

    Also someone said China is an threat! Wow, I don't think so; we are an"threat" for China instead, because we want to tell them what to do all the time; not the other way around, because we think we rule the world. It is time we stop our arrogance and concentrate on ourselves and our craziness. It is our best trading partner; ruining this will ruin our economy.