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DEA interfering in medicine.

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    I think it is deplorable that the DEA is interfering in a major way with Doctors prescribing pain medicine. For whatever motives the DEA is attacking opioids and other medicines for pain that are cheap. Doctors try to improve quality of life and now the DEA is creating the start of major misery by forcing addicts into cold turkey withdrawal from addicting pain medicine. I believe the drug companies are behind it trying to force people into thousand dollar a month pain medicine away from hundred dollar a month medicines. There is no excuse or reason for the DEA to impose their power to force addicts and patients to suffer needlessly. Crime and violence is increasing and will continue and escalate. The DEA is creating a huge problem.
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    This topic is a lot more complicated than just blaming the DEA for everything. While I would love nothing more than abolishing the DEA and legalizing all drugs while simultaneously investing heavily in drug treatment and recovery programs for those who desperately need the help, I don't blame them entirely for the current opioid crisis.

    Big Pharma working hand-in-hand with physicians are the real villains in this ongoing tragedy. The industry has spent billions upon billions of dollars convincing Americans that a magic pill will solve all of their problems and doctors were all too willing to go along with it.

    I'm not aware of any DEA policy that forces opioiod addicts to quit cold turkey. Their job is not to be a social welfare worker; it's to knock down peoples doors and ruin their lives for being addicted to a substance. As I said - I want nothing more than for them to be completely abolished - but while we still have them around we have to admit that their job isn't to show compassion to an addict.

    Americans shouldn't be surprised that the so called war on drugs has been a complete and total failure. What did we expect when we began treating drug addiction as a criminal problem and not a mental health problem? That everyone would just magically stop doing drugs because their government told them they were illegal?

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    The DEA is a criminal agency. It must be abolished along with the homeland security agency. We live in a police state. The fact that an authoritarian government has now taken over has been enabled by years of law and order politicians . It's a war on poor people. Now they are rounding up poor people and dumping them in other countries and or prison. They will arrest protestors and reporters next. Eventually ,they'll get around to you.

    The DEA is a rogue government agencies y way out of control. It's part of the new gestopo. If they stopped arresting people for getting high what would the police do ? They lobby hard to keep the war on poor people going so as to keep the money coming. It's always about the money.

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    Cutting off the supply of drugs is forcing addicts into cold turkey withdrawl. It is forcing addicts to steal drugs, steal money, use other drugs. The only humane solution is to leave opioids alone. After that free clinics. Last guy I took to the clinic was paying 14 dollars a day. $420 a month because he was addicted. The DEA is not compassionate???? Leave your dialysis money were an addict can get to it and you will learn the real low of compassion. The DEA has no right determining prescriptions. It is illegal for them to practice medicine .

    They have no right or authority to alter or interfere with doctors prescriptions for who gets how much of what drug.

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    Maindawg and Jared are correct. The agency is a mess. Police state fighting civilians. The poor who are not white go to jail. The for profit prison loves the no vacancy sign in the front window. No easy solution but many serious issues that need addressed.