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Muhammad Ali Jr. Detained at Airport for being Muslim

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    NBC News: Muhammad Ali Jr. Detained at Airport for being Muslim

    both Ali Jr. and his mother were asked whether they were Muslims.

    "This whole thing was triggered by his beliefs, the CBP is profiling," Mancini said, referring to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. "He was only released about two hours later. This is a U.S. citizen, born in Philadelphia. They have no right to inquire into his religion. This is outrageous; what's going on in this country?"

    Its too bad Muhammad Ali died before Trump got elected. It would have been great to have Ali involved as a spoke person, because he took on the establishment back in the 1960s and won. Imagine Ali at his prime as a personality taking on Trump. It would be a no contest of words; Ali's wordsmith skills would show the world that Trump is a very little man. Trump, can't handle being upstaged, let alone being upstaged by someone who has far better verbal sparing skills.

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    As much as the Customs and Immigration agents will deny it, there is racial and religious profiling going on. As I have traveled back and forth across the border on many occasions, I observed who was getting singled out for more interrogation at airports. It seemed to always be people of color. As a white man I was never stopped.

    If you have a name like Muhammad or Ali, in this new anti-Islamic Trump culture, you are more likely to be stopped regardless of what the laws or courts say.

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    Yes; my wife was born in Indonesia, but is Dutch with an "white" father, but just because it says on her passport "Indonesia" they always pester her and do extra things which makes me mad. I'm "white" with an American passport and they are always easy and polite to me. So there is discrimination all over. Thanks to the Trump attitude it is getting worse. It seems that the TSA (mostly ex military) have learned to hate people of color or culture because they fought in those countries and were taught to kill them.

    This proves again that ex military should not be in those functions as well the police, because they never learned to interface with the public as servants of the public.

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    Great story. A million acts of suspension, belittling hatred go on for every one that gets proper attention.

    Frightened little white men with racial and cultural hatred are decision makers. Not great again.