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    Trump's political rally in Florida on Feb. 18 revealed a lot of screaming, enthusiastic fans waving pretty pink signs declaring; Women for Trump! Trump's wife began the rally with a Christian prayer and a glowing endorsement for her wonderful husband.

    Trump began by saying those polluting pipe lines would garner 10's of thousands of high paying jobs and he was also working hard to create more high paying jobs in America and all this would be believable except for the fact Trump has refused to increase that poverty stricken $7.25 minimum wage.

    Trump then gave his usual rant against the imagined transgressions by America's mass news media and the Judiciary, of course, these annoyances will seem like child's play when Trump tries to get those free loading, useless Republicans to actually do something meaningful, useful and helpful for the American people, of course, if what he is doing is designed to make the 1% gain more wealth those freeloading Republicans will gladly oblige.

    These freeloading Republicans spent 8 years preventing Obama from accomplishing what the people and country needed and instead their only 2 achievements were to fund wars of aggression in 6 countries costing trillions, the slaughter and maiming of 10's if thousands of human beings (the Republicans and the MIC like to call this carnage collateral damage but international law call these activities War Crimes) and leaving these countries in ruins they created millions of refugees and this criminal insanity is still going on and these sociopathic, soulless, degenerates also wasted millions of tax dollars on witch hunts against Hillary.

    These Republicans in the U.S. Congress make it clear who they are representing and it is not the American people.

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    I happen to know many Republicans as neighbors, friends and relatives. They are all good people. Likewise, I would expect that many Republicans in Congress are otherwise good people. However, when it comes to pushing their political and sometimes religious beliefs it shows another side of them. They can be callous and ruthless in the pursuit of their political agenda and that includes creating falsehoods and lies and repeating them over and over again. And what's worse, I think they believe their own lies.

    The eight years of preventing Obama from accomplishing much of what he wanted to do or what he promised was driven by a hate for the black man but also tribal loyalty. It was the Republican party leaders and members who met over dinner the night of Obama's inauguration and decided they will say no to everything Obama wanted to do. They became the Party of "no". If anything those saboteurs have become even more ruthless under Trump as they smell blood. Erasing Obama's legacy gives them wet dreams at night. Hate does that to otherwise good people. It consumes them.

    Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post, August 10, 2012: Republicans had it in for Obama before Day 1

    This is what good Republicans do when elected. We should not forget it.

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    Schmidt; you must be kidding; "all good people"? Good people, don't hate "black" people or "hate" other denominations, ot other "religions". They hated Obama so much that they even changed things related to allow crazy people to buy guns. Trump wants nothing left which even smells like Obama. Good people??? May be they give that impression in "church", but in reality they hate everything what is not "white" or "Christian".

    Thus Schmidt, they may be nice to you in your face but in reality they are "cold blooded" behind the elbow hypocrites.

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    Exactly right Dutch. Good is not appropriate in any way. Manipulative, and self serving fit but in any shade it doesn't approach good.

    Maybe a new thread topic might be: what happened to the white male ? How and when did he become a lying scared little girl who twists everything to see what can be gained.