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no republic! no union!

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    For over a generation America has not had a Republic and instead has had a oligarchic government owned and operated by the Robber Barons/Global Corporations and their Stooges and the Military Industrial Complex, the NRA and AIPAC.

    After the election of Fascist Trump the oligarchic government evolved into a Fascist Government. Fascist Trump began his reign by threatening to cut of funds to any State, County, City or town that refuses to go along with his unlawful, unconstitutional edicts.

    Since America no longer has a Republic there is no reason for the States to continue being connected to a Fascist Government that no longer represents the American people and therefore the States who want to create their own Republic can do so by seceding from a corrupt, lawless, warmongering, fascist government. For example California, Oregon and Washington could have a special election asking their citizens if they would like to combine their states to form a new Republic and country. I think a neat name for this country would be: Shangrila!

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    Shangri la sounds nice.
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    Un-United Banana Republic sounds much better (UUBR instead of USA) Or Un-United States of La La Land ( UUSLLL)