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Scott Pruitt

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    There is no doubt that the Republican in the U.S. Congress are working for the Robber Barons and they just confirmed Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to run the EPA; the agency Pruitt spent a lot of time, money and effort suing while Attorney General.

    Someone should write a book about Trump's Robber Baron Stooge appointees and the corrupt dingbats that confirmed them and it would turn out to be the best horror story of the year.

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    Wow, This is not good. I saw information on the news about this loser. He received e mails from power companies where they told him word for word what legislation should say. They literally told him to cut and paste from their e mails. He's troubling. Additional requests were made through the freedom of information act to expose more e mails. He seems to have been worked / used previously and likely that's why he was "The pick". His position was rushed through with expedited approval. You're going to hear more because he's not that smart and many are already digging into his past.
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    Yes they showed the documents on MSNBC as released on Tuesday by Rachel Maddow . Indeed this guy is an crook. Are the GOP doing anything about that? I doubt it!! What an bunch of horrible bastards are the Republicans.