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    Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly is busy creating a fascist army by adding 10,000 more immigration agents and 5,000 more border agents and creating an expedited removal system using Obama's deportation machine.

    The ICE director threw out of an immigration meeting two latino congress members - welcome to the world of Fascism.

    If the U.S. Congress had passed a sensible, common sense, fair Immigration bill decades ago the chaos and human suffering going on now in this country would have been prevented.

    Instead of the U.S. Congress passing an Immigration bill today those fascists in the U.S. Government are trying to turn 20 million immigrants into criminals so they can arrest them and ban them from the country and as a result break up families that have lived here for 20 or 30 years.

    These stupid cruel sociopathic soulless degenerate fascists are definitely in the running for the Ignoramuses of the Year Award.

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    Yes Hitler would be proud of them; let's built some "gas chambers" into the "wall" then you don't have to transport them, saves money. Sieg Heil!