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DNC Suggestions.

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    A synoptic look at what DNC should have to do. Put everything on the back burner except:
    1. Stop all front running.
    2. Stop all considerations for "sophisticated investors".
    3. Penalty tax stagnated money.
    4. Reform the tax code to eliminate super citizens preventing the purchasing of major government offices.
    5. Restrict lobbying to the interest of the actual bill being considered.
    6. Reward with credits and deductions investments directly promoting jobs.
    7. Out promise the GOP on jobs and labor.
    8. Standardize all interstate commerce rules.
    9. Allow unemployment insurance to subsidize all labor to $20/hour.
    10. Open end and more.
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    I don't know what this wish list is all about. The Democratic Party Platform is already set in stone until 2020 when it will be revised again based on input from people like yourself, if you choose to participate in that activity.

    Democratic Party Platform

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    I should elaborate. As a former precinct chair, I participated in the process of formulating the party platform. It begins at the grass roots level with constituents sending in their proposed resolutions to the local Democratic Party Central Committee. For those states holding caucuses, we first reviewed, edited and voted on the resolutions at the caucus meeting. Those went up the chain to be considered by various platform committees, who consolidated them.

    At the county assembly level we typically voted on some 100 resolutions. These votes were then taken into consideration by the county level platform committee and later the state level platform committee. Those committee members are ordinary folks like you, Chet, who dedicate a whole bunch of their time to the process.

    Eventually the various state platforms are rolled up at the national level into a national party platform. The selected candidates for president also get to do some fine tuning as was the case with the Bernie and Hillary factions in 2016.

    It is about as democratic process as you can get, but certainly there will be people at the grass roots level who do not see their particular resolution embodied in the platform and will get mad...maybe call them all "corrupt". It has happened. I listened to them.

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    Schmidt, Your dedication to the party is understandable. I grew up in the Steel Mill Industrial Ohio Valley. Democratic without question and party members around your level ran the county. For their benefit. They got people jobs , clinched disability claims, passed out draft deferments and on and on. County people were the law. They lived for meetings and conventions just like the Mardi Gras and every other pageant awarded group. But the party elected Trump. No excuse. 2016 should have been a double digit Democratic victory. 3000000 popular vote margin simply calls attention to the loss. And now the party wants to go on like just having scored for the party. The Party failed and no amount of righteous indignation is going to blot out the 2016 election. Trump ran on what should have been the party platform. I do not stand alone saying the Democratic Party failed the people. Stubborn hardheaded elitism gave Trump the election. If the party doesn't come up with progressive specifics the party will lose 2020. People are not telling pollsters what they really feel just like in the campaign. Now the DNC attitude is the same as it was in the campaign. Thinking Trump will self destruct or implode.