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six despicable acts

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    So far Trump and the U.S. House of Representatives or more accurately the House of the Robber Barons/Global Corporations and their Stooges and the MIC and the NRA have done 6 despicable , depraved and down right dumb actions or edicts; the first action was to try and remove all ethics rules from the House, second was to gloat and celebrate the fact they had enough votes to remove 20 million Americans from heath care and the truth is they do not have a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act and if they did no one would be able to afford it anyway. The House's third action was to pass a bill removing all regulations for obtaining a gun and the slaughter of 35,000 Americans each year by these lethal weapons doesn't impress these sociopathic, soulless, degenerates one bit.

    Then there were 3 edicts by King Trump; 1. Repealing the Johnson admendment that states religious institutions that get tax exemptions cannot be involved in political activities. 2. An edict that would allow whole sale exemptions for those discriminating against other Americans on religious grounds 3. Trump also intends to remove all financial reforms.