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Direct Evidence capable of Impeaching Trump has been found

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    !!Impeachable Evidence against Trump found!! Over the last week I have been publishing a theory about why everything about this administration is not sitting right with many of us. but we have some hard evidence now to back this claim up. It is not my work alone but the work of many. It has caused those closest to me to stop and take note of their surroundings and as they have, more and more have come forward to lend credibility to this theory.
    Those removed from our group have shown great kindness by messaging and asking about the well being of my mental health. I would like to take time to assure you, that I am quite sane and in control of all faculties, and as a veteran I appreciate your concern.
    Since I am okay, I would ask you then to turn your concern to the evidence. Instead of questioning my mental clarity, attack the evidence, prove it wrong.

    The theory is that we have been attacked and are already at war but that this is a brand new type of warfare which most of you are unfamiliar with, but some of us with military background are aware that it is being tested on us for the first time.

    To prove this theory much research was done which ultimately led to the uncovery of a connection between a woman named Sarah Torrent who appeared on a Fox News video claiming to be from the Middle East and a Muslim, but in support of the wall.
    It turns out this woman has a direct connection to a known white supremacist hacker named weev, who is also responsible for the planned parenthood video, and published an article in 2014 for the daily stormer (a brietbart/Bannon media outlet)
    Where explicitly states that the Nazi are coming back in force to remove the Jew bankers from power.
    I believe the surge in white nationism accredited to Trump is actually true but is also a smoke screen for forces being infiltrated into America as we speak and networks established on Facebook. One day after publishing this damning evidence of trumps malfeasance and use of television programming and lies to sell the American public a lie, my profile was outed by a man I'd never met and had no mutuals friends for. He tagged my name on his page but before I blocked him I saved a photo of him and on his chest was a swastika. He had been following me for a week on Facebook watching me craft my theories, which I made public because of the damning and dangerous nature of the evidence.
    I know this information is hard to absorb but I am begging you as a man who went to war once for this country, to heed my words and examine the evidence for themselves. What is the harm in that? If I am wrong then I am embarrassing myself, if I am right then I am shouting to the world, The red coats are coming!!!!! The red coats are coming!!!! As a forward thinking strategist the only way out of the trap I see being set for all of us, is to share this information as widely as possible and let individuals examine the evidence for themselves and decide. We must do this quickly because the longer Trump/Bannon remain in power the more this message will be obscured by propaganda and fake news. I am begging as a veteran who has fought for this country to have my voice heard above all the racket. Thank you. -Jacob ClArk

    Please share this information as widely as possible and let us all examine the evidence for ourselves. Thank you and God bless America!

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